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January 17, 2019

USC Admission’s Multicultural Recruitment Team

Members of the Multicultural Team During an Event

USC has a strong commitment to welcoming students of every race, creed and background to campus. The Office of Admission takes into consideration all aspects of diversity in the application process and works closely with students to assist them.  In our efforts to promote diversity, we have two Associate Directors who lead multicultural efforts and work collaboratively with members of the Multicultural Recruitment Team. The team is currently led by Yamilet Medina Lopez who has been with the Undergraduate Admission Office for 9 years as one of the Associate Directors. This new year we welcomed Curtis Ferguson II as the second Associate Director for Multicultural Recruitment and we’re eager to introduce him to all of you!

Tell us about yourself?

I have been advising students since 2001. I have held a number of appointments at various colleges and universities across the United States of America.  Although each of these institutions have been distinct, I enjoyed working with the talented students from across the world.  Through college admissions, I want to create a higher education landscape that values pluralism and diversity in all forms.

What did you study in college?

In undergrad, I studied Classics more specifically the rise of Christianity during the Roman period and how this polytheistic society became a monotheistic one.  This process was done through convergence, and if you think about it, admission is convergence.  It is taking high school students and helping them change their beliefs, behaviors and belonging in order to recruit them to college.

How did you get into admissions?

For me, advocacy has always been more than just a value; it has been a way of life. I have always been involved with civic engagement and through my work I sincerely believe that one of the most effective ways to achieve societal change is through education.  As an Admission Counselor, I see myself as a gatekeeper, and I believe that I am most effective working in higher education to challenge traditional ideas about access, persistence, and student success.

Why Multicultural Admissions?

As a person of color, multicultural work is a natural progression of learning more about myself. As a multicultural recruiter, I enjoy working with students from all backgrounds and I am able to share my experience with students throughout the United States and across the world.  My ultimate goal in my professional life is to help every student I encounter find their niche, both academically and professionally.

Fun Facts About Yourself:

I really enjoy building things out of Knex—the color coded construction set. I’m hoping to come in on the weekend and build some pieces for my office.

I love a good cat waving gif.

And I might understand Korean because I love watching Korean Dramas.

What are you most excited about in your move to Los Angeles?

I’ll be going to Disneyland this weekend.




Any future advice for applicants?

Visit different college campuses and walk through the campuses alone-without your parents, friends, and/or admission representative in your ear. You are the one that is going to live there for four years, so you have to feel like it is a place that you can be alone.





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  1. Tenzin Sangpo says:

    USC Admission’s Multicultural Recruitment Team,

    My name is Tenzin Sangpo, and I’m thrilled to apply to USC as a transfer
    student. I’m really interested in USC’s renowned Creative Writing program.

    I am so happy to learn about your team, your commitment to promote diversity at USC.

    As a Tibetan refugee here in the U.S. – my third exile, – I have had the
    firsthand experience of benefitting from and also contributing to a greater
    diversity. In my travels, I often saw diversity accompany general prosperity.

    Wishing you all the very best in your mission, &
    Hoping to be a representative of my heritage at USC this Fall,

    Sincerely yours,
    Tenzin Sangpo
    Ref.# 271041244

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