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January 16, 2014

Transferring into USC? Here Is Everything You Ever Need To Know

sb_book         It’s that time of the year again. January is not only the time when we make our final scholarship recommendations for the upcoming first-year class. It means February 1st is right around the corner, and that means the deadline for our transfer applicants is soon! The requirements this year are not any different from past years, with one major exception:

         Due to changes in The Common App this year, it will prevent you from submitting and completing the application without the registrar report. To assign a “Registrar,” enter the information regarding the designated Registrar at your college. The Registrar will be asked to complete the Transfer Registrar’s Report. If your registrar has another process to request an official transcript, you should follow that process. It is your responsibility to ensure an official transcript of all college work is submitted to USC.

         Besides that, everything we need from you is the same. Please thoroughly read the Transferring to USC Brochure. Want a checklist to help you organize your necessary requirements? Sure thing; you can find our transfer checklist here. Need more last minute tips? Click here and read my blog from last year.

         Those three resources should ultimately provide you with answers to most questions you’ll have about transferring into USC.

         Finally, my colleagues and I have come up with a list of the most common questions we’ve received from transfer applicants and our responses to them. If after reading all of the resources provided for you in this blog, you still feel confused, please feel free to contact your territory manager here.

FAQ’s for USC Transfer Applicants

Q: My academic record from a few years back was not very good. But I’ve been taking classes lately and I’ve brought up my GPA. Will I be accepted?
A: We consider trends in your grades and college attendance patterns. Consistent degree progress and strong recent performance (usually the last 30 units you’ve taken) are important.

Q: Do you need all of my transcripts? Even if I went to school 10 years ago?
A: Yes, we will need all of your academic transcripts. Submit all of them. Failure to report a complete education history is a serious breach of academic integrity. Can you tell we’re serious?

Q: What about high school transcripts?
A: Yes, an official high school transcript with date of graduation is a requirement for the transfer application. If you did not graduate from high school, please submit a record of your high school work and your GED certificate if applicable.

Q: What’s the minimum number of transfer units to transfer?
A: There is no minimum number of transfer units you must complete before applying for admission. However, if you will complete fewer than 30 semester units by the end of the spring term, we will focus additionally on your high school record and results from the SAT or ACT.

Q: So you’ll need test scores?
A: We will need to see your test scores if you will complete less than 30 semester units by the end of the spring term.

Q: What about English proficiency tests?
All international students whose first language is not English are required to submit results from an English language proficiency exam (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic). You can find more information at www.usc.edu/internationalstudents.

Q: I have only taken one semester of English. Does that mean USC will immediately reject me if I don’t take another semester of English?
A: We expect that students at community colleges will have completed two semesters of English composition before enrolling at USC. At the very least, you may have the second semester of English composition in progress at the time you apply. IMPORTANT NOTE: We are more flexible with our writing requirement for transfer applicants coming from four year institutions. We understand that each four year university has its own general education requirements and not all institutions have courses equivalent to our writing requirement. The two semester writing requirement can be waived for admission purposes but it will have to be completed in order to earn a degree at USC.

Q: Will USC accept students who have not completed all of the general education requirements? I am still missing courses from categories I and V. I plan to take them during spring and summer, but I am unsure if I will be able to enroll in one of them.
A: You do not need to complete all general education requirements in order to be considered for admission. Our strongest candidates, however, will have completed or be currently enrolled (spring) in most if not all of the GE and major-related courses.

Q: How important is the foreign language requirement for admission decisions? Is it possible to take this course at USC instead?
A: Foreign Language is not a requirement to transfer. It is a requirement to graduate for certain majors at USC.

Q: One of my recommenders is having trouble submitting on Common App. For some reason it will not let her submit the letter of rec. Is it okay if I have him/her mail in the letter?
A: Sure, letters can be mailed to our physical address:
USC Office of Admission
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA

Q: How much do you consider extracurricular activities and awesome internships?
A: They are looked at. However, we rely heavily on your academic work. Bottom line: We weigh your academic work the most in the transfer application process.

Q: So what else could I do to set myself apart?
A: Cure cancer. Find a way to be in two places at once. Prove that Elvis is still alive. Just kidding.
The absolute, best way to be competitive as a transfer applicant is to submit an academic history that shows consistent degree progress and strong grades in a full time curriculum. Your academic work is the most important preparation for the coursework you will be asked to do at USC.


  1. Maycee Monroe says:

    I have a question , what is the average GPA you look for, for students who applied to transferring into Dornsife as an econ major?
    Is a 3.65 with 50+ units something that stands out?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Last year the average gpa for transfer students was about a 3.67, so it sounds like you’re right in our range.

  2. Andrew says:


    I completed about 120 units at UCI majoring in Chemical Engineering before withdrawing back in 2010 with a cumulative GPA of 2.5.

    I’m currently studying accounting at a CC and will complete my AS-T degree requirements with a 4.0 (3o units).

    If admitted to USC, will my UCI GPA be added cumulatively to my USC GPA?
    Also, what is the likelihood of being admitted? Will my UCI GPA affect my admission?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Andrew,

      In terms of admission, your UCI and your community college grades will be considered. If you are admitted to USC, your GPA on your USC transcript will separate your pre-USC courses and grades from your USC courses and grades.


  3. Eliza says:

    What would you say is the average gpa for a transfer student majoring in business?

  4. Hoang Nguyen says:

    Hi my current gpa is 3.1 and i expect it to be 3.2-3.3 by the end of summer. I have decent extracurricular activity and i’m trying to improve it. I plan to apply to engineering school for chemical engineering program. What are my chances of getting in? And what is the average gpa for transfer students majoring in chemical engineering ?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Hoang,

      Our average transfer GPA is a 3.7 but we do a comprehensive review of every file so if you have an upward trend that is something we will certainly notice. We do not have GPA cutoffs or guarantees in the process. You can contact the Viterbi school should you have questions about curriculum at viterbi.admission@usc.edu.

      Sam Schreiber

  5. Kacie says:

    How much weight does the personal statement carry into the overall decision for a transfer student? What are some good tips for prospective transfer students?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Kacie,

      While we do a comprehensive review of every application, the transfer portion is very focused on the courses students have completed and how they performed in those courses. We are interested in the personal statement to get a sense of the student and their writing abilities but curriculum and academic performance are more the focus. Hope this helps!

      Sam Schreiber

  6. Michael says:

    Hi, can a successful transfer completed all the prerequisites, but not yet even take 1 courses from the GE requirements, but planning to take it this spring 2015? Thanks.

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Michael,

      We do not require all of the GE courses to be completed in order to transfer, we just like to see that an applicant is making progress toward them to ease a potential transfer.

      Sam Schreiber

  7. Mikey says:

    What is the average GPA for students admitted into Marshall? I have a 3.81 (curently studying business) and want to transfer into Marshall for Spring 2015. Would I be a competitive candidate?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Mikey,

      We do not break down GPA by school but the average admitted transfer student has about a 3.7. Within that, we look at the curriculum choices and course load of students as well to see that they are taking major related, academic coursework.

      Sam Schreiber

  8. Jeff says:

    What is the difference between transferring into USC as a sophomore instead of a junior?
    Is the admission process any different, given that the student has complete all the general ed.(I,II,III,V) and all major required courses?

    Is it recommended to apply for a sophomore in this case?

    Thank you very much.

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Jeff,

      The only real difference is that if students have under 30 units completed we take into account their high school record. Otherwise, we have no preference and the decision is up to the student. Sometimes with students in their first year we will request their spring grades before making a decision, but this can happen with any applicant. Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

  9. Christopher Lagazo says:

    How much do you account for courses that have been retaken in order to improve a GPA?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Christopher,

      We will see both course grades and calculate those into the GPA when evaluating an application but will focus more on the most recent grade.

      Thanks for reading!

  10. John Jackson says:

    I have a horrible high school transcript, but my GPA in college is currently a 4.0. I plan to apply for junior year. Do i still have a chance?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi John,

      While we require a high school transcript, we do not consider the high school record of students with over 30 units completed.

      Sam Schreiber

  11. Amy says:

    Quick background information: I applied to USC for a film major and I unfortunately didn’t get in;
    I decided to enroll at Pasadena City College and just transfer.
    As a student who will be attending a CC first and then transferring to a four year college what would you
    recommend for my first steps to be? I’m aware that USC has a transfer guide, do I just follow that guide?!
    Also what are some of ways I can standout to being a potential film student at USC?
    Is taking a foreign language a requirement for transferring to USC?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Amy,

      Yes, following our transfer guide is a great place to start. Cinema does have a foreign language requirement however it does not need to be completed in order to transfer. I would encourage you to be in touch with Cinema about their portfolio requirements. Thanks for reading!

  12. Demi says:

    I am going to be attending UCSB in the fall, and I plan on applying as a transfer in 2015. Other then taking classes that transfer, is there anything else that I should be doing to get accepted?

  13. Kiara says:

    If I am going to take all of my GE requirements at a community college, do I also need to take USC classes? If so, which ones and how/where do I apply to take USC classes if I was not admitted but wants to transfer

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Kiara,

      You do not need to take USC courses in order to transfer. Taking classes at USC before you are an admitted student is called limited status. More information about that is here.

      Thanks for your interest!

  14. DERICK says:

    What would you say is the average GPA for a transfer student majoring in Civil Engineering with Emphasis in Environmental Engineering?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Derick,

      Our average GPA for an admitted transfer student is 3.7. We do not break it down by major, however Viterbi does look closely at the curriculum you are taking to be major related. More information is on their website.

      Thanks for reading!

  15. John Winston says:

    USC is my DREAM college I would really love to leave VA because nothing is really interesting to me here. I always said I would love to live in LA and start a new life and family there. But my questions are this: I plan to enroll in the fall of 2016 and earn my bachelor’s in Business Administration then pursue my dream of being Governor of California. I currently attend J sarge studying to earn Administration of Justice (66 credits) and Business Admin (62) that totals up to 128 credits. So if I graduate with at least a 2.7 or 3.0 would I be admitted?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi John,

      Our average transfer GPA is a 3.7 however we do notice trends and rigor of work. Also, students can only transfer over a maximum of 64 units. Thanks for reading!

      Sam Schreiber

  16. Palash says:

    What would you say is the average gpa for a transfer student majoring in graphic design? What are the portfolio requirements?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Palash,

      Our average transfer GPA of an admitted student is a 3.7, we do not break it down by major. You can find the portfolio requirements for the Roski school here.

  17. Gavin says:

    Hey what is the average GPA of someone transferring while majoring in communications?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Gavin,

      The average GPA of an admitted transfer student is 3.7, we do not break it down by major.

      Thanks for reading!

  18. Shila says:

    I’m a college student right now. i want to know does USC accept online courses in science? i took Chemistry 101 , the lecture is online. but the in lab is in the laboratory.

  19. Steve Ellis says:

    On the USC website it says average transfer GPA is 3.7. Has it gone up this year?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      We do not have updated numbers for 2014 yet, but I imagine it’ll be right about the same.

  20. young Jojo says:

    I’m attending to Fullerton College, and I took English 100 and English 101. Do I still need to take an English test such as TOEFL?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      If you are an international student, you will need an English language proficiency exam in addition to the writing requirement.

  21. Andrea says:

    Good evening,

    Beginning this Fall I will be a Freshman at Loyola University in Chicago. Loyola was not my first choice school; however, I was awarded a full ride Navy ROTC scholarship and had limited options in regards to what schools I could use this scholarship at. Because my desire to be in the Navy was so strong, I chose to attend Loyola- at least for my first semester and then transfer to a school that I felt I could be more productive at (or full year if required my school I wish to transfer to). As I began my research into what schools accept the Navy ROTC scholarship and which of those schools had everything I was looking for, I came across the University of Southern California. As I began to dig deeper I felt that this was really where I belonged. I felt that USC was where I could expand my horizons and grow as an individual- both mentally and emotionally. Below, I have a list of questions that I have. If you would do me the favor of answering as many of these as you can I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Can I apply to transfer to USC after the end of my first semester at Loyola University, or do I have to complete a full year and wait for the Fall 2015 term to apply as a transfer?

    2. What is USC Transfer student acceptance rate?

    3. In terms of transfer students, does the admissions committee look more at your high school classes and transcripts, and SAT/ACT scores or does it focus on what the student has completed in their year(s) of college?

    4. Are students permitted to double major and minor (which is what I want to do)?

    5. My SAT scores are as follows: Reading- 690 Writing-620 Math-630. I realize these scores are below the 75 percentile for your school. My question for you is if you believe a transfer student applicant should attempt to retake their exams, or if your college curriculum plays a more important role?

    6. Is the transfer student applicant deadline the same as a freshman applicant deadline?

    Thank you, ahead of time, for your help.

    Andrea Morales

  22. Hoang Nguyen says:

    Hi my current gpa is 3.1 and i expect it to be 3.2-3.3 by the end of summer. I have decent extracurricular activity and i’m trying to improve it. I plan to apply to engineering school for chemical engineering program. What are my chances of getting in? And what is the average gpa for transfer students majoring in chemical engineering ?

  23. D says:

    If throughout high school you recived bad grades due to personal problems ,and upon graduation you go to a community college, get amazing grades there ,and show overall progress/ improvement along with managing to complete everything needed to transfer will you be considered?

  24. D says:

    What are the gpa requirements to be admitted?

  25. Jay says:

    I’ve been going to junior college since 2008 and had to drop classes due to work so I’ve accumulated around 11 W’s. How bad do W’s look on your transcript when applying to USC?

    • Sanjeev Chahal says:

      Hi Jay,

      We prefer students to not have W’s on their transcript. We do take the time to understand each situation but our most competitive transfer students generally do not have W’s

  26. Sara says:

    What is the average gap for transfer students applying to USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism?

  27. ty says:

    What is the average gpa Thorton school of music looks for in an applicant ?

    • Sanjeev Chahal says:

      Hi Ty,

      Our average GPA for first-year applicants is 3.8
      Since our process is holistic, we do not focus on just he numbers, we look at every component of the application carefully.

  28. Dom says:

    Hello, what are the chances of being admitted into the graduate MHA program with an undergraduate GPA of 2.5? (1 in 35346247?)

  29. Daniel M. says:

    I had a very low high school GPA and an SAT score of 1770, but I expect to apply for admission with around 30-40 units and a GPA just above 3.7
    Would I be considered a strong applicant?

  30. Brittany says:


    I’m an incoming junior this fall at Pasadena City College. I currently have a 4.0 GPA, and I would like to apply for transfer to USC’s Annenberg as a Communications major. I haven’t fulfilled one diversity requirement or any foreign language requirement because I had just recently decided my career path this summer.

    Do you think I have a good chance of being accepted without having any foreign language and one diversity requirement fulfilled?

    Thank you for this post and your time!
    Brittany (:

  31. Alicia Byrn says:

    What is the average GPA for an engineering student? I attend a JC in Santa Rosa and am studying Biochemical Engineering with a 3.63. I have finished all of my general ed. and am finishing up my last year here, graduating with two Associate Degrees. Am I a candidate for USC?

  32. Austin Wang says:

    I got a 1780 on my SAT. If I get a 3.8+ from Mt SAC and complete all necessary courses will I be fine?


    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Austin,

      We’ll only consider your SAT score if you have fewer than 30 units completed or in progress. Your GPA is right around our average, so make sure you’re enrolled full-time, complete the English and math requirements, work towards completing some GEs, and keep your grades up!


  33. Katy B. says:

    Hi, is 3.4 a good transferable gpa?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Katy,

      Our average GPA for transfer students is a 3.67. It is an average, so we have students who are above that and students who are below that too. We like to see mostly As with a few Bs.


  34. Naja says:

    Is there a specific number of credits needed to transfer or is it only necessary to meet transfer requirements?

  35. Janet Ahmadzai says:

    If you have about 70+ units at a Chaffey community college and an average GPA of 3.8 or higher and you are currently enrolled in the honors program? Is it possible to be accepted? If so will you take into accountability the individual’s high transcript? What happens when USC is impacted with the number of transfers, how do they narrow down the list?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Janet,

      There is no way to say whether you’ll be admitted or not without applying. Make sure to submit your application by February 1st, 2015 and you’ll hear back from us by June 1st. It sounds like your GPA is right around our average and your units are at the higher end, but admission is still possible.


  36. Alexandra says:

    Are math classes such as math 115 and math 125 transferable

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Alexandra,

      I have no idea what institution you’re attending, so I don’t have any way of answering that. You can take a look at the Articulation Agreement between USC and your school at usc.edu/articulation to see if the courses you mentioned transfer.


  37. Melissa says:

    By the time to apply for fall 2015 I will have taken around 89 units with more in progress. I have a 3.9 gpa, but will this high number of units be counted against me?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Melissa,

      You can only bring over a maximum of 64 units but having over will not hurt you in the process, it will just mean if admitted you may units in the transfer to USC.

      Thanks for reading!

  38. Emily says:

    What must I provide in the application to transfer from a CC to USC

  39. Shizun Li says:

    I am a Chinese student studying in Marquette University. Right now, I have 40 credits, and GPA is 3.78. I have a 99 Toefl schore. I want to apply to undergraduate information technology. Is information technology major in business college or engineer? Do I have competitive advantage?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Shizun Li,

      I’m not familiar with any major that is titled exactly Information Technology at USC… The only major at the Marshall School of Business is Business Administration and the Viterbi School of Engineering has a number of majors, so you should take a look at their site to see if there is a program that fits your interests.


  40. Sean says:

    For the last two years I have attended a four-year college to play football. Because of the time commitment my grades were not as good as I wished them to be. This year I transferred to a 2-year college and am planning on taking classes there where I can focus more on my schoolwork. However, since I already took classes at another college before, put together with my classes from the 2-year school, I will have a lot of credits. Is it possible to have too many credits when applying to transfer?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Sean,

      That’s a good question. We accept up to 64 units of transferrable coursework, so students who are much beyond that don’t tend to do as well in our process. You may reach out to the admission counselor who works with students from your school if you have further questions.


  41. sylar says:

    hey i am a freshman in De anza college and i am also a international student
    My question is that if I plan to transfer to USC as a junior student, need I apply my Toefl scores and SAT scores and what average scores of these two test are?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Sylar,

      You will need to take an English language proficiency exam. We accept TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE. If you received a 600 or above on SAT Critical Reading or a 27 or above on the English section of the ACT, you may submit that in place of the English exam.


  42. Jereka Duncan says:

    Hi! if I took one semester with 16 units and my GPA is a 2.88 will I still have a good chance of being accepted.

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Jereka,

      The average GPA of an admitted transfer student is a 3.7 so I would encourage you to continue to be full time and perform as best as you can to bump up your overall GPA.

      Thanks for reading!

  43. Ramon says:

    Hello, my gpa is a 2.65 at a community college, I know it’s a low gpa but when I started out college I was not doing to well, but these last 3 semesters were big pushes to raise my grade and currently am taking some courses to finish up. my question is what chances to I have getting into usc? My major is Criminal justice. I’m applying this fall.
    Thank you

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Ramon,

      We do not have a Criminal Justice major at USC. In terms of how we review grades, we certainly like to see an upward trend, so do your best to keep your grades strong!


  44. Emily Rivero says:

    So having an impressive extracurricular activities list won’t really set you aside from the rest?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Emily,

      In the transfer process, not so much. We are really focused on your academics to ensure that you’ve taken the courses that we like to see and received strong grades.


  45. Stephanie Lopez says:

    I am currently trying to transfer to USC Dental Hygiene program from CSUF, what major do I select to transfer from my current school to USC undergrad? Also, does USC look at my transcripts as a whole for admissions or just the select classes needed as pre-reqs?

    • Kenley Turville says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      You should select Dental Hygiene as your intended major. For your transfer GPA, USC will consider all of the courses that transfer from your current institution to USC.


  46. Tammy says:

    I was just wondering whats the lowest transfer student g.p.a that will be accepted by USC standards. Also if you have a parent or guardian that works at USC does it help a student’s application at all?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Tammy,

      We do not have a cutoff GPA in our process and do a holistic review of every file. Our average admitted transfer GPA is a 3.7 but we all look at curriculum and if a student has been full time or not. We do ask if an applicant has a parent or guardian working at USC and track that but it never the make or break piece of information for an applicant.

      Thanks for reading!

  47. Lo says:

    What is the average gpa you look for a transfer majoring in psychology?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Lo,

      The average GPA of an admitted USC transfer student is a 3.7 but that is not a cut off or guarantee, we do a holistic review of every file.

      Thanks for reading.

  48. ife olu says:

    What do you think the average gpa for an applicant accepted into Cognitive Science or Computational Neuroscience is ?

    • Sam Schreiber says:


      The average GPA of an admitted transfer student is a 3.7. We do not break it down by major.

      Thanks for reading!

  49. yassir says:

    Would the fact that someone has a certain number of C’s automatically reduce his or her chance of being admitted?

    Thank you.

    • Kenley Turville says:

      We certainly prefer to see mostly As and Bs. Our process is holistic, so we review every component of the application to make admission decisions. It isn’t just only about grades, rather the entire application.

  50. Daniel M. says:

    In terms of when you look at an applicants transcript, when do you tak into account how many units will be completed? I will have fewer than 30 units done at the time of application but more than 30 completed at the time of admission. Will you still focus on my college grades or would you focus on my high school grades?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Daniel,

      We will look at high school grades from applicants who have fewer than 30 units completed but the focus will be on college work. We often request Spring grades from these students so we can evaluate those before making a final decision.

      Sam Schreiber

  51. Ali says:

    I was wondering if I am at less than 30 units at the time of my transfer application, will the emphasis be on my high school record? I’m currently at 18 units but I’ll be at 34 at the end of this fall semester.

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Ali,

      We will look at your high school record but our focus will be on college work. We often times ask for Spring grades in these cases so we can evaluate that work before making a final decision.

      Sam Schreiber

  52. Ricardo Monzon says:


    So i didn’t graduate from high school, i dropped out in freshman year. Basically i have no high school transcripts at all. Now as an adult i did received my GED in 2012. Right after i enrolled into a community college and so far i have 32 units with a 3.8 GPA. What do u think honestly ?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Ricardo,

      We would need to see a copy of your GED to have a complete application. All applications are reviewed regardless of high school record.

      Sam Schreiber

  53. Ellen says:

    I’m a transfer student looking forward to coming to USC(If I get admitted). I’m headed towards an A.A. degree but it only requires me to take one English and one Math class. My spring registration for my next classes are already up. Would it be wise for me to go and talk to my academic advisor? To see if I could take another math and English class to full-fil the requirements?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Ellen,

      We do require two semesters of a composition writing course and intermediate algebra or higher in order to be eligible to transfer to USC so you will want to be sure you have fulfilled these requirements or have them in progress when you apply.

      Sam Schreiber

  54. Ann says:

    Hello! I am a student in college, and my college is quarter system. I will finish my second English classes( like English 1B, 2, or 1c) at the end of spring quarter. When I am applying to USC, my English 1A quarter class( the first English class) will be taking in process( three quarters instead of two semesters, so I can finish them in spring) . Is it ok to show my English1A grade and English 1B grade together in the spring grade request? I will finish them in the end of spring quarter.

    Thank you

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Ann,

      You should send us your winter grades as soon as they are available so we can evaluate those with your application. From there, we may request your spring quarter to see the complete sequence. You can contact your admission counselor if you have additional concerns!

      Sam Schreiber

  55. Miranda Jimenez says:

    I am a student at Saddleback College and I am planning to apply to Annenberg for Public Relations. I have a. 3.77 and have completed all of the GEs and plan to complete foreign language and diversity this spring at my CC. My units will total 61 (this includes courses for other schools I am applying to but still transfer to USC) . My question is would this make me a Sophomore transfer or a Junior? I’m worried that it would make me a sophomore since I don’t have 64 units.

    Thank you.

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Miranda,

      If all of your units transferred over then yes, technically at 61 units you would be a sophomore. However, an academic adviser would help you plan your coursework to still graduate on time.

  56. Allen Forouzesh says:

    Will two W’s affect my chances of getting in. I’m also retaking one of the W’s. I also have a 4.0 GPA.


  57. Wendy says:

    I was attending USD this fall semester; however, my father fell ill and I needed to drop a semester in order to take care of him. I was planning on attending a CC closer to home for the spring semester, and I was wondering if there was ANY way to transfer with only one semester.

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Typically, our most competitive students have been enrolled full time and have at least 30 units completed or in progress at the time of application. For students who will have fewer than 30 units, we require SAT/ACT scores and will look closely at high school grades.