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May 8, 2013

Transfer Process Update

Bovard Administration Building           Every year USC receives thousands of applications from first-year and transfer applicants. By April 1, all of our first-year applicants receive an admission decision. If you’re a transfer applicant, you might be wondering, “Hey! Where’s my admission decision?” A holistic admission process takes months and is no easy feat, so trust me when I say we are currently hard at work reading and reviewing transfer applications. Within a few short weeks, you will hear from us— by June 3, you will receive either an admission decision or a request for more information before we make a final admission decision.

          Last year, our office received over 8,000 applications from prospective transfer students! In order to give each application a thorough review, we analyze high school and college transcripts, read your essay and short answer responses, consider your preparation for the major you’re interested in, and essentially evaluate all the documents in your application cover to cover. Much like the freshman application process, this effort takes time as multiple people review each application fully. We utilize such a complex, time-consuming process because we want to ensure that we admit qualified, well-rounded transfer students to USC.

          We do understand that many transfer applicants are applying to other universities who require a commitment before June 3. Unfortunately, our transfer admission decisions are not available until closer to June 3rd in most cases. For some applicants, we request to see their spring quarter or semester grades before we can make a final decision, which means that a decision will not be reached until after we receive those spring grades. It can seem like a long wait, but we are committed to doing a comprehensive review. You can be proactive, too—rather than waiting for us to request your spring grades, you can mail them in as soon as they are available. An unofficial copy of your spring grades sent by email or fax can also suffice while we wait to receive your official transcript by mail.

          If you have questions about your application, you can always contact your admission counselor or log into your USConnect account to see if we’ve requested any additional or missing information. We’re eager to send out admission decisions in a few weeks and we expect to admit another well-rounded and successful transfer class!


  1. Darlene Sandhu says:

    This blogpost was SO helpful! Thank you so Mrs. Schweitzer,

  2. Ricardo says:

    My name is Ricardo Martinez and I am a student at Florida international university in Miami. I have just completed my freshman year in college and I was able to achieve a 3.8 GPA with rigorous science classes due to my inclination and interest in the health field. I plan to complete my 60 credits and my pre medical requisites by the upcoming spring and I aspire to attend USC in the fall of 2014 as a junior to complete my studies there. I have also been involved in many extracurricular activities and will be doing the same this upcoming fall and spring semesters in my current school. Even though my high school records may not be competitive and definitely do not meet your requirements, my college records prove otherwise. I have matured and have worked hard to achieve my goal of attending USC, but I have been wondering, how much focus does the office of transfer admissions put on your high school records and standardized test scores? If I have competitive qualities and a high chance of being admitted to your school as a college student but did not have these during my high school career, do you focus on my improvement or just on my high school transcripts? Do you also take into consideration what I have done outside of the classroom and how rigorous my classes have been?

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      There is no minimum number of transfer units you must complete before applying for admission. If you have completed more than 30 college units, we will not look at your high school grades and test scores, but will concentrate on your college-level work. We do also evaluate the rest of the transfer application, which includes writing sections and an activity summary.

  3. Richard Lin says:

    Thanks for the update, Meredith.

  4. Alexandra R. says:


    I got a request for my spring grades. I was wondering, how likely is it to get admitted if one gets this letter. What is the admission decision based on at this point? Just good grades? I’m very nervous because USC is my dream school and I really want to go there.

    Thank you very much,

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      The spring grade request is not an indication of an admission decision. We simply need to see more information- in this case, your spring grades- before we can make an admission decision. You should send in your spring grades as soon as they become available. For transfer applicants in their first year of college, we often request to see a full year of college work before making an admission decision as this is a better indication of how a student will succeed at USC. Typically, successful transfer applicants are enrolled in full-time college coursework and earning mostly A’s and B’s in their courses.

  5. Mark says:


    I have been accepted to USC, but have a very heavy course load for Spring Quarter. Unfortunately, it is likely that my GPA will decline. I am fearful that my acceptance may get rescinded. I was wondering if there was a GPA that I need to retain to ensure that I can be a Trojan come next Fall.

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      There is not a certain GPA requirement for admitted students, however, each situation is different and we review the circumstances and situation on a case-by-case basis. We encourage admitted students to continue working hard throughout their spring semester/quarter. If you were admitted with a Condition of Admission, you will need to satisfy that condition in order to enroll at USC. You can also contact your admission counselor directly if you have further questions.

  6. Amy C. says:

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Amy and my I am a transfer applicant currently attending Cerritos College. I am a Psych major (3.85 GPA) and still awaiting a decision, but my husband (a Business major, 3.96 GPA) got his acceptance about two weeks ago.

    Is there a way to update my record/application to include my husband as a USC admit, and add this relation to the legacy portion of the USC application? I plan on sending my Spring grades as soon as I receive the, even though they have not been requested.

    Also, any additional info or tips on what I can do or send in the meantime would be greatly appreciated. This blog is an amazing source of information, thank you for all the help here.

    Kindest regards,

    Amy C.

  7. Yesica J. says:

    Hello, i found this blog very helpful. I am just about to start going to community college this Fall 2013 and would love to transfer to USC. My question is, what can I do since now to increase my chances of getting admitted into USC? I would really appreciate all the advice you have to offer. Thank you!

  8. Michelle L. says:

    Dear Meredith Schweitzer,

    Thank-you for your post; this was certainly very helpful. USC has requested for my spring grades and I will deliver them this week; however, I am also wondering if I am allowed to attach additional documents such as a letter of recommendation.

    – Michelle

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      You are welcome to continue to submit letters of recommendation, however the transfer application deadline was February 1 and we expect to receive all application materials as close to this date as possible. You should submit your spring grades as soon as they become available.

  9. Minh Nguyen says:

    I’m an international transfer student and now I’m currently out of America.
    I just want to know do you mail the decision on regular mail to outside the US as well? I heard that it takes the mail 3 weeks to come to our country on regular mail. Therefore, if the decision comes out on June 3rd, it will reach me very late. Thanks.

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      Admission decisions are mailed to international applications. Once it gets to the student’s home country, it will be delivered by that country’s domestic mail service. Transfer decisions are also available online through USConnect a few days after the decision is mailed.

  10. Mati says:


    If we do not get accepted as a transfer student, is there a way to repeal?
    If so, how does one go on about that process?

    Warm regards,

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      There is not a formal appeal process, however if you would like the admission committee to reconsider the decision that was made, you can email your admission counselor a one-page statement as to why you wish to have your decision be reconsidered.

  11. Sergio Park says:

    I got SGR and it says that I should send my grades before June 30. However, my college ends on June 28 so it will be impossible to send by the deadline. What should I do in this case?

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      You should send in your official spring grades as soon as they are available. In the meantime, you can send in an unofficial copy of your spring grades when those become available by either emailing, faxing, or uploading a copy of your grades.

  12. Juan says:

    I am a transfer student and I am still waiting on my acceptance letter. I’ve checked and I submitted everything on time and USC. I live in the Los Angeles area and still haven’t received the letter. I know that dead line is June 3, but I was wondering is it still alright that I haven’t revived the letter when I live that close to USC?

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      An admission decision or a request for more information such as spring grades will be mailed by June 3. If you have received a spring grade request, you should send in your spring grades as soon as they become available. If you have not received a spring grade request or an admission decision, you can contact your admission counselor directly.

  13. Ben E. says:

    Hi. I am a transfer student and received a spring grade request. I was wondering if I don’t hear back until mid July, if I get accepted, will this will affect my ability to register for classes for this upcoming fall semester?
    I submitted my spring grades on May 30. Will there be any chance that I will hear sooner than July?

    Thanks for the help,
    Ben E.

    • Meredith Schweitzer says:

      Transfer applicants who receive their decision in July will still have the opportunity to attend an Orientation program on campus. Students register for classes during Orientation. The other option for admitted transfer students who cannot attend Orientation is to submit a materials request. Students not attending an Orientation session who request a materials packet will be able to register for classes following the last on-campus Orientation session.

  14. Michelle Perez says:


    I am transfer student and I got a request to submit my spring grades. I was wondering if you recommend I submit additional documents such as a letter of recommendation with my spring grades. Will it do much of a difference with my admission decision?

    • Hillary Higgins says:

      Hi Michelle, You do not need to submit any additional documents. Just the spring grades will do.

  15. Breana Sicley says:

    I am a prospective transfer student and I received a spring grade request on April 29. I submitted my final grades on May 15. Is there any hope I will find out about my admission decision by June 1st instead of mid-July?

    • Hillary Higgins says:

      Hi Breana, We are working through applications as they become complete. You will likely hear from us in the next couple of weeks.

  16. Sevag says:

    I’m a transfer student who got rejected, how can I appeal the decision?

    • Hillary Higgins says:

      Hi Sevag, We don’t have a formal appeals process for transfer students. If you believe there is new information not originally considered in your application, you can email a 1-page letter to your admission counselor.

  17. James says:

    Hi. I’m hoping to transfer as an Accounting Major. I have 3.4-3.5 GPA maybe higher by Spring Semester. Do I have a chance?

  18. Natalie Lopez says:

    Hello, I am a prospective transfer applicant for Biology. I currently have a 3.8 GPA at my current CSU. Would my application still be considered for admissions if I have taken more than 80+ units (Including AP coursework as well)?

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