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May 16, 2013

The International Community of USC


          Here at USC, we pride ourselves on being reflective of the diverse metropolis that houses us: Los Angeles. When you come to USC, you will be surrounded by students and faculty members alike from all over the country and from all across the globe. In fact, there is no ethnic majority at USC, and ten percent of last year’s freshman class was made up of international students.

          Within the United States, the most represented geographic areas at USC are California, Texas, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, and Washington. Outside of the U.S., the most represented areas are China (including Hong Kong), South Korea, Canada, Taiwan, India, and Mexico.

          Joseph Harari, a current sophomore from Mexico, shared his experience as an international student at USC:

                    Every day, you are surrounded by students from countries all over the world. I currently live with four other students from Latin backgrounds, which has allowed me to learn more about Panamanian culture, Guatemalan culture, etc. As a business student, we have a lot of interaction with our classmates. The other day in my Macroeconomics course, there was a girl from Dubai in my group, which was helpful because she was able to bring first-hand knowledge about the United Arab Emirates’ economy. Having other international students around is also good because we can help each other with paperwork, finding internships, and other logistical things like that. You meet so many people from so many different backgrounds; it really opens up the world for you.

          Having students at USC from all over the world adds to both the academic and social experiences of all students. Kristen Chang, an Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission and an alumna of the University, describes her positive experience:

                    In a single day, my morning would be spent at my on-campus job with my coworker from Dubai; my afternoon was in a discussion section with my classmate from Melbourne; in the evening I would hit the Lyon Center with my workout buddy from Munich; I would then eat dinner with my roommate who was from Japan. In other words, I would travel the globe in a day, and these encounters only enriched my time spent at USC by allowing me to experience different cultures and perspectives to which I may not have otherwise been exposed.

          At USC, one can have a truly global experience without even leaving the walls of campus!


  1. Ineenweekafvallen says:

    Great article! It tells more about how the students experience are, seems like the USC got also
    students form the netherlands, where i come from. Maybe suggestion for the next time. Get some experience from the dutch students. It’s also true that the smartest area is in the Netherlands, Region East-Brabant, Eindhoven. But thats not the issue of this great blogpost.

  2. Rodrigo Wanderley says:

    Hey there, I’m a graduate student from Brazil, and I’d like to know if you guys are aware of the Brazilian program Science without Borders, It’s a one year scholarship sponsored by my government. One of the affiliated to the program is the IIE and Fulbright they kinda look for American universities interested in our profile. Anyway, I’d like to know if I would be able to enroll in some of your film minors or majors (mainly screenwriting and directing) even though I’m a medical student. Who should I talk to? I know that this isn’t technically a comment but if you could send me an email I’d appreciate that.

    • Courtney Wilk says:

      Hello, thanks for your interest in USC! Please contact our Graduate Admission Office regarding your inquiry. They can be reached at 213-740-1111.

  3. Shadmaan sabbir says:

    Are there any students from Bangladesh and malaysia?

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