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December 2, 2014

STUDENT BLOG: Talk to Students

557345_4027174953110_1714567013_nLast Monday I was walking by the Campus Center when I noticed a family staring at a campus map. They didn’t look like there were making much progress, so I walked over and asked what they were trying to find. “The Admissions Center,” the father informed me. I pointed him and his family towards the Campus Center and told them it was on the second floor. I was already heading that direction, so I walked with them for a bit, asking their son what he wanted to study (he was a junior in high school) and what he thought of USC. He commented on how big the university seems, to which I responded by telling him about how he could find a smaller community through clubs, which I talked about in another blog post. I wanted to keep talking to him, giving him advice, and sharing about how great USC is, but he and his family wanted to go to the Admissions Center and I had to realize that I’d left my bike and car keys on a bench (they were still there when I retraced my steps!).

The whole experience reminded me that the best thing anybody can do to get a feel for a university is to visit the campus and talk to students. When I was deciding which university I wanted to attend, spending time at each campus and talking with my Explore USC host was what helped me most feel like USC was the right decision.

Reading student blog posts is a good supplement and is always fun, but if you’re torn or anxious enough to be reading this, you should really just talk to some USC students and students from the other schools you’re considering. Maybe it feels awkward to walk up to a student and ask him/her some questions. Or maybe it feels weird to lag behind after your campus tour to ask the guide some more specific questions. But at the end of the day, you’ll realize that the tiny bit of initial social awkwardness was overstated, unwarranted, and vastly outweighed by the answers you will receive!

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