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February 18, 2014

STUDENT BLOG: Your Future is in Your Hands

CC 3         Internships are constantly a topic of discussion around campus. They provide real world experience in fields you may want to go into. Some are paid and some are not though the experience and network have always been the best value I have gotten from an internship. I was fortunate enough to get an internship as early as my second semester freshman year because of USC, through a class called Directed Governmental Leadership. Consequently, I had internships at Project Vote Smart and Gen Next for the next two years. As a junior, I currently hold two internships at Obagi & Stodder LLP and on the Seth Stodder for Assembly campaign. USC has helped me secure these internships through a network of contacts and the Trojan Family (more to come in my next co-written blog with Aleek soon!). Meanwhile, I have provided helpful tips and resources for how to apply for and get an internship!

1.Have a GOOD résumé
It shocks me how many students do not have a résumé or the one they have is 5 pages long with so much unnecessary information. Luckily USC has the Career Center to help! When you are a student at USC, you can go online to check out the Career Center’s résumé booklet or go into the Career Center walk-in hours and have a professional look it over. Your résumé can determine whether or not you get a job or an interview, and a well-formatted and communicative one can benefit any applicant.

2.Check out opportunities within your school
Typically every department has career centers that offer specific internship opportunities and programs. For example, the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences provide students the Gateway Summer Internship Program placing students in a summer internship and matching them with a mentor. Furthermore, I encourage you to ask professors in fields you are interested in for help on where to apply. USC provides a plethora of resources within each school and beyond.

3.The Career Center of course!
Though the title can be misleading with by calling it the “Career Center,” there are a ton of internship and career opportunities listed through ConnectSC and the iNet Internship Database. Students are able to create their own accounts and be matched with internships based on major, experience, and year in school.

4.Internship Week
The Career Center is currently holding internship week with a variety of seminars and programs to help students get connected with companies and employers. Students are able to begin building a network of contacts to seek out advice, career assistance, and potentially an internship. Even after internship week they host seminars for students who missed out!

5.Be proactive!
If you want to get an internship you need to look for it! Use online databases, talk to career professionals you know, and write a draft résumé and cover letter. Your future is in your hands and internships help you get there!

Best of luck with the internship search, see you at the Career Center!

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  1. Sarah says:

    This was such a positive and informative post to read! I can’t wait to become a Trojan! Thanks Katherine!

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