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April 12, 2016

STUDENT BLOG: But USC was my Dream!!!

Katrina PhotoUSC has been my dream school since I was seven years old. As a child, game day was a big event in my household where my family and I would go all out… dressed in our best cardinal and gold from head to toe, ready to cheer on the Trojans! After my older sister was accepted into USC, my family anticipated that I would soon follow. I did well in high school, I was very involved, and most importantly, I was ready to be a Trojan.

However, much to my dismay, I received a deny letter instead of an acceptance. While I was completely torn apart by this, I knew transferring was an option so I worked with a USC admission counselor who helped me plan my first year of college to ensure I’d be ready for USC the following year. Buttttt…I faced a dilemma…I did not realize how different college was from high school…it was not so easy to get all A’s by studying the night before for midterms and finals, and my grades reflected that.

BUT USC WAS MY DREAM!!! And once more, during my freshmen year of college, I submitted an application with high hopes that I would soon be a Trojan. After a long spring of waiting, I received my second denial letter.  After getting denied twice, I told myself I was done applying and that I was content with where I was… and this was true…….until my first ever USC football game at the coliseum. Back in 2013, my sister, who was currently a student at USC, surprised me with student section tickets to the game against Stanford—one of USC’s biggest rivalries! I was beyond excited, because, in my family, USC football was always a big deal. After a nail-biting game that had everyone on the edge of their seats and just 19 seconds left on the clock, USC surprised everyone in the stadium with a victory. Everyone went crazy and stormed the field! I remember singing the fight song and hugging random students who were so proud to be Trojans. This up close glimpse of the Trojan Family, when everyone was chanting and cheering, was the moment that I told myself I was going to be a Trojan.

In my case, the third time applying was the charm, and I am so incredibly glad I went to that football game because it’s definitely the reason I’m here today. If you’re reading this and USC is your dream school, just as much as it was mine, I can tell you that whether it be your first, second, or third time applying, with enough hard work and determination, you can very much make it here, where you will, without a doubt, have the time of your life.  Fight On Forever.

By: Katrina Rosales
Class of 2017


  1. Trevor says:

    It’s amazing how something as simple as a sporting event can bring an entire community together, from students to family to faculty. Inspiring story and I admire your perseverance.

  2. Prithviraj Ghosh says:

    I’ll be applying as an international undergraduate applicant in USC this year.

    Can anyone tell me if I can directly qualify for graduate programs from undergraduation, without taking GRE?

    • Hillary Higgins says:

      Every graduate program will have their own requirements. You should contact the graduate program directly if you have questions about admission requirements.

  3. Jacobi Washington says:

    That was so inspiring! USC is also my dream school. Hopefully one day I can also be a trojan. #classof2017

  4. nanna says:

    this is amazing!! i want to go to USC and this is so inspiring, #classof25?

  5. RC Goodwin says:

    USC is my dream too. I am doing everything I can to meet and hopefully exceed admission standards. I also loved the vibe on campus, the school spirit. It seemed like a big school that felt small. Thanks for sharing your story. At least I know I can keep applying and I won’t give up!

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