Major Mondays – BS/BA Pharmacology & Drug Development

Major: The Bachelor of Arts (BA)/Bachelor of Science (BS) in Pharmacology & Drug Development (PDD) are a part of four undergraduate programs that reside in the USC School of Pharmacy. This program is available to students interested in pharmacology, pre-pharmacy, pre-medicine, and pre-health. The PDD Program also provides undergraduate students with an opportunity to join the Trojan Admission Pre-Pharmacy Program (TAP) – giving students priority admission to USC’s School of Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program. These majors are open to applying first-year and transfer students.  

Overview: PDD provides students with more insight and knowledge regarding the field of pharmacology, toxicology, and medical product development use. Kristin Wong, a current senior in the PDD program, shares that “the PDD major is truly one of a kind and is a part of a unique undergraduate program. This program has given me a glimpse into the pharmacy field and what it has to offer, which ultimately led me to choose it as my career path. The USC School of Pharmacy undergraduate program has endless possibilities, and truly allows any student who is interested in pharmacy or health in general to grow in multiple aspects.”  

Current Student Perspective: Wong shares that “this niche program allows students to build connections and relationships with their professors and classmates, something that is not often found at such a large university. With this program working so closely with the USC School of Pharmacy, it has also provided me with opportunities to network with faculty and staff who teach at the graduate level. Dr. Daryl Davies has helped me discover my love for pharmacy through his unwavering support and dedication to this program. By providing me with a research position, I have been able to apply the knowledge I learn in the classroom to real problems in a lab setting. Not only has this research position allowed me to grow as a student and aspiring pharmacist but has also led me to achieve the fellowship that I hold now. By being a part of the USC Pre-Pharmacy Society (PPS), I’ve been able to network with guest speakers from various pharmaceutical fields and build life-long friendships with my peers inside and outside the classroom. All in all, I am so fortunate to be a part of this program, as it has truly shaped my undergraduate experience. It has been amazing to see how much this program has grown throughout the years, and I am so excited for future students to be a part of it.” 

Daryl L. Davies, PhD, is currently an Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the School of Pharmacy, as well as the Director of the Masters of Science in Management of Drug Development. Part of his research focuses on finding new therapies to treat neurodegenerative disorders and alcoholism.   

Tam Phan, PharmD, is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at USC and is a community-based clinician at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. His interests lie within primary care, HIV/AIDS care, LGBTQ+ care, comprehensive medication management (CMM), community-based pharmacy practice and operations, immunizations, community health, among many others. 

Want to Learn More? 

You can visit the USC School of Pharmacy: Undergraduate Programs website to find more information about the Pharmacology & Drug Development program as well as other undergraduate programs within the school of Pharmacy! 

For students interested in the Pre-Pharmacy Society (PPS), visit the USC PPS website to learn more about Pharmacy and the Pharmacology Industry and to meet a community within the major! 

Written by Jennifer Donis Gonzalez, Assistant Director