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May 30, 2013

June Gloom? The Transfer Waiting Game is Almost Over!

Our transfer applicants come from vastly diverse backgrounds. Many students transfer after a year or two at a community college, others from four-year institutions. Either way, we tell prospective transfer students that applying to USC is an individual process. The decision to transfer is the easy part. Navigating through the requirements and understanding the articulation process, though, requires a little more concentration. Lucky for you, we’ve written a blog that simplifies it.
So we are almost to June. You have done your research, read through the Transfer Brochure, compared course catalogues, read your articulation agreement/history, been in contact with your territory manager, and finally submitted your application. Now you’re waiting to hear from us. Some of your friends have received decisions, but most of you are still waiting. There is that lingering worry of finding housing, securing financial aid, establishing which credits will transfer, and the list goes on.
Looking forward, I’ve included testimonies from three transfer students (below) who discuss the transition process into USC. These are students who have experienced the same anxiety, but have moved forward and are currently enjoying their time at USC. Take comfort in the fact that others have travelled this road and have been successful.

“Adapting to a new environment was difficult at first, especially with such a large student population, but getting involved in the Greek community and other student organizations helped me feel at home.” –Steve Yang ‘13

“Surprisingly my transition was very easy. I was able to connect to students and get involved with different organizations on campus. At first I was intimidated by the larger campus and classroom sizes, but orientation helped me look beyond all of that.” –Aleek Sherikian ‘13

“Nothing could’ve prepared me for the shock I felt during my first semester at USC. First, the sheer body of knowledge that each student brought into the classrooms was frightening, so frightening that I actually questioned my own ability to succeed at this school. These students had exceptional abilities. Second, the classroom standards and expectations were raised a lot higher than I expected. It took me almost 2 complete semesters to adjust to the new academic rigors. Third, the new social atmosphere was different. I felt like a small fish in a sea of sharks. But that was due to my own insecurities. What I love most about being a Trojan is that we take care of our own. A lot of students saw through my shyness and insecurities and welcomed me as a friend, a colleague, and a brother. I cannot see myself anywhere else but at USC.” –Poly Chuong ‘14

By June 3rd you will receive either a decision or a request for your spring grades. The wait is almost over so hang in there!

I leave you with these final words:

“I will say that waiting for a decision was easily the most difficult part of the application process. The wait is totally worth it!” –Poly Chuong ‘14


  1. Royce says:

    Will the admissions decision be sent to us via postal mail or the USConnect? Some friends said that they received their decision via postal mail and others said they received them via the USConnect portal. The anxiety of waiting for the decision is so bloody nerve-wrecking.

    • Jomar Gomez says:

      Decisions will be made available both via postal mail and your USConnect account. They were mailed out today and you should be receiving them shortly. Hang in there!

  2. Michael Wong says:

    Please accept me USC admissions! The wait is adding so much suspense!

  3. Nikeya Hall says:


    My name is Nikeya Hall, I am writing to gain more information on admission requirements, for students who are trying to entry into USC from high school. I have a son who’s dreams are to attend your university, and he is five years out from graduating, but are trying to prepare as early as possible. Can you please send a brochure to 5425 E. Belmont # 141, Fresno Ca. 93727.

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