#IGotIntoUSC! Ways to Connect with USC in the Time of Social Distancing

Congratulations, you have been accepted to the University of Southern California! This is a thrilling time for you and your families as you pursue your future.

You and your fellow admitted Trojans may be feeling #blessed to be raised in the age of the internet during the world-wide “Stay Safe at Home” preventive measures for the COVID-19 virus. While all on-campus events have unfortunately been cancelled for this spring (along with all in-class instruction), there are a ton of ways that we can help you envision yourself here at USC.

Your Territory Managers are Here for You

First and foremost, your territory managers are here to help! This is the team in the Office of Admission that are your personal connects to USC. No question is too small or too large, even when your parents might ask “where can my student do laundry on campus?” Gather a list of questions and feel free to email your territory manager.

Find you territory manager here via the name of your high school. We are excited to hear from you!

Virtual Events

While you may not be able to walk onto campus, the Office of Admissions is excited to offer a plethora of virtual events:

  • Admitted Student Information Sessions
  • Spring Admit Panel and Fall Options
  • Academic Department Information Session
  • Cultural Center Open Houses
  • Regional Online Chats
  • Virtual Tours
  • Thematic and Student Services Chats and more…

You may sign up for as many virtual events as you may like. Read more about these events on the USC Admitted Students page. Log into your USC applicant portal to register! We will see you there (virtually).

Cultural Spaces: Finding Your Community and Making Campus Feel Like Home

The Trojan Family is a term used to describe the bond of students and alumni who understand and share common values of being a USC Trojan: ambitious, scholarly, faithful, courageous and skillful. Cultural centers at USC are places on campus that exemplify the strength of the Trojan community, offering communal support for all members of the USC community. Check out some of cultural centers you can join.

Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs – From its inception, the primary goal of the department has been the retention of black students as they matriculate through the Trojan experience toward graduation while maintaining a holistic environment that students can develop academically, culturally, professionally and socially.  The mission of the center is to create an Afrocentric, holistic learning environment, for academic, social and professional development, and civic engagement for all members of the USC community.

La Casa: Latinx/Chicanx Center for Advocacy and Student Affairs – This center provides empowerment through cultural identity, leadership and social consciousness development, as well as community building for students at USC. La CASA strives to educate the campus about Latinx issues and the ethnic diversity represented within the community by offering programs and services that focus on intersectionality. La CASA encourages students to be part of USC’s Comunidad and work to serve the diverse Latinx and USC Community.

Asian Pacific American Students Services – The center has a two-fold mission: to facilitate Asian Pacific American participation, dialogue, community-building, and empowerment, while at the same time, to serve as a source of cross-cultural educational programming for the entire campus. They strive to create unique learning opportunities that include mentorship, leadership development, advocacy, and community involvement. The center understands the distinctive needs among the different ethnicities within our Asian Pacific American community, and succeeds in deriving strength from our diversity.

Native American Student Association – The Native American Student Union is a cultural and educational organization for self-identifying American Indian students, as well as any other student or community member interested in American Indian issues and culture. The Native American Student Union offers an opportunity for Native American Trojans and Company to connect and empower one another both academically and spiritually. As well as providing a sacred and intellectual community for our members, we are committed to raising awareness of Native American issues on campus, and promoting recruitment of prospective USC students from tribal communities around the country.

LGBT Resource Center – This center provides support, education, and advocacy for LGBT and ally  students at USC. LGBTRC works with diverse campus undergraduate, graduate and faculty/staff and alumni organizations along with campus departments to address the LGBT student experiences. The LGBTRC maintains a multicultural framework with its programs and services to make certain the intersectionality of diversity issues among the LGBT identities are represented.

Many USC students also build their communities through organizations within the Office of Student Affairs as well as Office of Religious Life

Social Media

As influencers on all platforms are ramping up content turnout in this time of social distancing, USC is too (Trojan makeup tutorial or a “Fight On!” Tik Tok Challenge anyone?) Some of the easiest ways to explore USC is through our main social media accounts.

Join the Admitted Student Facebook group, follow @USCedu and @uscadmissions on Instagram as well USC Admission on Twitter.

Also, your academic departments have their own social media accounts, check them out!

Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. As Dornsife is the largest college at USC, most majors have specific social media accounts, so be sure to check out their social media directory!

USC School of Architecture via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. The School of Architecture’s website has an extensive study work gallery, take a look at student’s studio and thesis projects.

Roski School of Art and Design via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Roski’s social media accounts show a rich variety of student and faculty work. To see what other ways Roski students get involved, check out their extensive event calendar. Did you know USC has its own art museum on campus? Checkout the USC Fisher Art Museum.

Iovine and Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The academy is at forefront of interdisciplinary studies, keep up to date on the latest news/updates at the Academy and in the field via The Pulse of Innovation.

Marshall School of Business via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Eager to listen to the voices of entrepreneurs, business leaders and CEO’s working with Marshall? Check out Marshall Podcasts.

USC School of Cinematic Arts via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Read up on student stories and check out student projects through the USC School of Cinematic Arts Student Stories page.

Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Eager to hear USC news first? Read articles written by USC Annenberg students via USC Annenberg Media.

Kaufman School of Dance via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. The Kaufman Student Blog gives great insight to the abundant opportunities that students connect dance inside and outside the classroom.

Ostrow School of Dentistry via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Learn about the impactful community programs that are at the forefront of bringing accessible dental care to all via Ostrow School of Dentistry Community Programs.

USC School of Dramatic Arts via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Need a new T.V show or movie to binge while at home? Peek at the USC School of Dramatic Arts alumni notable works page.

Viterbi School of Engineering via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Research is infused in all major’s in Viterbi, find your major’s research center via USC Viterbi Research and Innovation page. Also, if you are interested in learning about the engineering student lifestyle, check out Viterbi Voices.

Davis School of Gerontology  via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. The Aging is Happening Blog showcases the newest research and knowledge related to gerontology’s rapidly growing field.

Keck School of Medicine via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. If you are eager to get your hands on some research, start to take a look at  Keck School of Medicine’s Research Resources.

Thornton School of Music via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Take a listen to Thorton students sharing their works during USC Thornton School of Music Live!

Mrs. T.H. Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. Be sure to listen to the Trojans Talk OT podcast, a series designed by students to inform and entertain occupational therapy practitioners, students and educators.

USC School of Pharmacy via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. USC School of Pharmacy News showcases research and innovation that revolutionize healthcare to improve people’s lives.

Price School of Public Policy via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. A must add podcast from Price, Reel Review features engaging conversations about film and television with USC experts from across disciplines (public policy, governance, theater, and cinema) to look at visual storytelling, media literacy, diversity, and the public good.

Cannot Get Enough USC? Here’s More!

Check out more “deep dives” to help you learn what it is like to be a Trojan.

Art and Architecture of USC – Sitting on 226 acres, there are A LOT of historic buildings and influential pieces of artwork on USC’s campus. This self-guided tour will give you insight to some rare pieces of campus history.

Tommy Cam – While it might look a little quiet right now, Tommy Cam is a way to take a bird’s eye view of student traffic in the heart of campus, right near that statue of Tommy Trojan. Waive to your family and friends from sunny Los Angeles!

Local USC Moms and Dads on Call via Facebook – Moving far away from home? Moms and Dads on call are a group of local parents/guardians who provide support, care to students who may be homesick, as well as treats during finals/midterms.

USC Village – Dubbed by the Los Angeles Times as “Disneyland meets Hogwarts,” the USC Village offers 15-acres of retail shopping, all types of food, and multiple coffee shops all-encompassing our residential colleges for students. Check out the USC Village virtual tour.

The University of Southern California Marching Band via Spotify– Last but not least, let’s get into the groove (ok Boomer!) of the sounds of USC. Keep these tunes on repeat, you will learn dances to these songs too! If you want to be a member of the Greatest Marching Band in the History of the Universe, you can fill out this interest form.


We understand, this is a big decision to make. Choosing your future college will shape the next four years of your life. USC is a place where we move the world forward, we know you will make your mark here on campus.

Don’t forgot to share your acceptance with other future Trojans with #igotintoUSC

Welcome to the Trojan Family and Fight On!