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August 17, 2017

How to Transfer to USC

Transfer students are important to USC, and the Office of Admission is here to help you navigate the application process. This guide will provide a breakdown of how to present a strong transfer application to USC. We’re sharing this information with you now, at the onset of the academic year, so that any prospective transfer student can develop a course plan and prepare themselves to apply to USC for the fall of 2018.

But, first, it’s important to acknowledge that transferring to USC is very different from the first-year application process. While our evaluation of first-year applications centers on gauging the extent to which high school students will be successful in college, strong transfer applicants have already demonstrated this ability. Therefore, the evaluation of a student’s transfer application is based primarily on their academic performance. However, the non-academic components of a transfer application – especially the supplemental auditions or portfolios required by some majors – can also play a significant role, so make sure not to overlook those!

To present a strong transfer application to USC, you should focus on these three areas.

1. Maintaining full-time enrollment

Unlike some other institutions, USC accepts transfer applications from students in their first year of college. Many students transfer to USC as sophomores after demonstrating strong academic preparation during their freshman year. A significant aspect of demonstrating preparation for USC, where nearly all students are restricted from part-time enrollment, is showing that you can handle full-time college coursework over a full academic year.

For students attending semester calendar schools, this means the completion of around 30 transferable semester units between the fall and spring terms. For students at quarter schools, full-time status requires completion of roughly 45 transferable quarter units across the three terms that make up the academic year: fall, winter, and spring. A rule of thumb is that, in most cases, you should be completing four courses per term (excluding summer).

There are exceptions, though. We understand that some students are unable to maintain consistent full-time enrollment due to obligations at work or home. These students should explain their part-time status (along with any other necessary context, such as gaps in enrollment) somewhere within their application. As with any question related to your application, if you aren’t sure about your enrollment status, you should reach out to your admission counselor for clarification.

2. Taking the right courses

There are a few resources that you should utilize in selecting your courses.

Articulation agreement: a document that lists the courses that are transferable to USC from California’s community colleges and specifies certain requirements those courses can fulfill.

Articulation history: an unofficial breakdown of courses that have previously transferred from four-year institutions and out-of-state community colleges to USC; there is no guarantee the courses listed as transferable will continue to be in the future, and if an institution hasn’t had many students transfer to USC, its articulation history likely won’t be very comprehensive; however, this document can still be a very useful resource.

Transferring to USC brochure: a detailed overview of the process of transferring to USC, particularly useful for its list of recommended and required courses by major on pages 12-15 and its explanation of USC’s transfer credit policies on page 16.

Transfer Planning Guide: a tool that provides students attending California community colleges or a select few four-year institutions with a transfer course plan.

Here’s what your course priorities should be (in order of importance):

  1. Math and lower-division Writing requirements
  2. Courses required or recommended for your major
  3. General Education and foreign language coursework
  4. Transferable courses that would earn elective credit

Math and lower-division Writing requirements

All students interested in transferring to USC should ensure they are, first and foremost, meeting our minimum admission requirements. We have two: lower-division Writing and Intermediate Algebra, both of which must be completed with a grade of C or higher. You must satisfy both of these requirements by the conclusion of the spring in which you apply in order to receive transfer consideration.

You should refer to your institution’s articulation agreement or history to see which English or Writing course can satisfy our requirement (see below). It’s possible you will have multiple options to choose from; you only need to complete one of the listed courses. If you attend a four-year institution or out-of-state community college that does not offer a course equivalent to USC’s lower-division Writing course, this requirement will be waived for admission purposes.

Our math requirement can be satisfied through completion of Intermediate Algebra in college (or any higher level college math course, such as Pre-calculus). However, students can also meet this requirement through their high school math courses. If you earned a C or better in each term of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, then you are not required to take additional math before transferring, unless it is specifically required for your major.

Courses for your major

After ensuring you’ve met our minimum admission requirements, your next priority should be completing courses recommended or required for your major. The Transferring to USC brochure lists these courses.

You should use this information in conjunction with your institution’s articulation agreement or history. For example, while most transfer applicants do not have an additional math requirement, the Marshall School of Business states in the brochure that transfer applicants are required to complete either Math 118 or Math 125 (Business Calculus and Calculus I, respectively). By referencing the course-to-course equivalencies section of their articulation agreement or history (see below), a Business Administration applicant may find there are courses at their institution that are granted equivalency to USC’s calculus courses.

This cross-referencing should be done for all courses recommended or required for your major. If your institution does not offer an equivalent course, you should take the course that most closely aligns with the recommendation or requirement described in the brochure.

General Education courses, foreign language, and electives

After ensuring you have met our minimum admission requirements and completed the right courses for your intended major, you should prioritize the completion of additional courses that would provide progress toward your eventual graduation at USC. For most students, this means first taking courses that can be applied to USC’s General Education requirements. We want our students to graduate on time, and transfer applicants can stay on track by mirroring the academic experience of a USC student as closely as possible before transferring. Taking GE-applicable courses is a great way to accomplish that!

If you attend a California community college, your articulation agreement will provide a clear list of the various courses available at your school that can be applied to a GE category at USC (just make sure you’re looking at the right GE requirements, as students who began college prior to fall 2015 have a link at the top of the document to view their GE courses).

If you don’t attend a college with an articulation agreement or comprehensive articulation history, it’s a bit trickier for you to determine which courses to take for GE credit. The Transferring to USC brochure lists examples of acceptable courses by name for USC’s GE categories (see below); so, if you’re able to complete a course that mirrors one listed as acceptable in the brochure, there’s a good chance you would receive GE credit, if admitted to USC. Generally, though, applicants from four-year institutions are encouraged to follow the guidance of their academic advisor at their current institution, while simultaneously doing their best to make progress on USC’s GEs.

Foreign language courses can also provide degree progress and help a transfer applicant stay on track to graduate on time. If you’ve completed all the available courses at your institution to meet our requirements and the recommended courses for your major, you should make sure your remaining courses are transferable for elective credit – check your articulation document and the Transferring to USC brochure for further detail on our transfer credit policies.

3. Earning strong grades

Our average admitted transfer student’s cumulative GPA is a 3.7, which means that, to present a competitive application, you should be earning mostly A’s (and avoiding any grades lower than a B). However, we do not have a minimum GPA requirement, and every year many transfer students with a positive grade trend are admitted to USC who fall under that 3.7 average. Finally, make sure to avoid course withdrawals resulting in W’s and pass/no pass grades; you should always take a course for a letter grade if that is an option.

I hope this guide has been helpful. For further guidance, you should check out this Transfer FAQ and reach out to your admission counselor – we’re happy to discuss your situation in depth and help you develop a plan to transfer to USC. Good luck!


  1. Jaycie says:

    I am currently a student at the University of Portland and I would like to apply to USC for fall 2018, however, if I were to be accepted, would I be placed as a freshman again or will my credits be transferred over as my school is not in the Articulation Agreement?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Jaycie. Competitive applicants attempting to transfer after their freshman year will generally have completed enough transferable coursework to earn (or be close to) sophomore class standing at USC. For more information, I’d encourage you to reach out to your admission counselor.

  2. Katelyn Carpio says:


    I have a few questions, I am currently a community college student.
    I have a 3.8 GPA, extra-curricular activities pertaining to my major (volunteer work, clubs etc), 30 units done, I have also taken 6/8 GE courses including one for my major (psych 100), but I read above usc likes to see that you’re also doing courses for your major. For psychology, it says to also to take stats but I have not will that bring my application down… if I have not taken stats?

    Also, for Math do you need a year or just a semester? As for English do you need a year or a semester?

    Laslty, If my college offers winter classes how do I input it into the common app, if there is only a tab for first semester & second semester?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Katelyn. Statistics is not required for your major, but it is highly recommended. Generally, students are able to meet our math and writing requirements via a single semester-long course, however, you should reach out to your admission counselor for guidance on your specific situation.

  3. Kenneth Cruey says:

    Hi, I am currently attending UNLV, would it be possible to transfer into the spring, second semester if I obtained high enough grades in the Fall?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Kenneth! We do not accept transfer applications directly to the spring semester, however, we will sometimes admit students to the spring semester if we can’t find space for them in the fall. The next term to which transfer students are eligible to apply is the fall of 2018.

  4. Aaron says:

    Hi, My name is Aaron, and I attend Fresno City College. I expect to complete 33 units by the end of my first year at community college. I noticed that counselors preferably want students applying for the Marshall School of Business to complete the school’s required prerequisites in the fall. If we plan to take them in the spring will that affect our chances?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Aaron! If you’re on track to complete required courses during the spring, it won’t impact your overall chances of receiving an offer of admission. But, it means you might have to wait a little while longer for your final decision, as we will need to see your official transcript from the spring to confirm you have met our requirements.

  5. Celine says:

    Hi, I am a freshman student from Pasadena City College. I heard that if I don’t have 60 units completed by the deadline for transferring, I would need to report my high school GPA, transcript and SAT scores. I have 14 units from AP tests which my scores are above 4. And this semester I took another 14 units from my school (which I think should also be transferable according to the transfer guide). I tried emailing the counselor for my school but haven’t gotten any response. Thank you in advance for the help!

    • Hillary Higgins says:

      Hi Celine, We review high school coursework when a student has completed below 30 units of college level coursework. Please refer to our Transferring to USC Brochure for a detailed explanation of our transfer process.

  6. Gabby Magana says:

    I am on my second year at Pasadena City College. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA for 30 units during my time at PCC. However, prior to PCC I attended Fullerton College. I was put on Scholastic Dismissal from Fullerton due too many withdrawals and I earned no credits from my time at Fullerton. This was due to health reasons and always having to do treatments. But after I got well, it was too late and I had been dismissed. I have gotten nothing but A’s at Pasadena, but I’m afraid that my large amount of withdrawals from Fullerton will hurt my chances of USC. My GPA is still a 3.9 (Beause of an F from a 1 unite class at Fullerton), But will USC even consider me even though I have very high grades now?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Gabby. All students’ applications are considered thoughtfully and in context. I’d encourage you to discuss your situation within your application so that we can understand the reason for your withdrawals, and you may also want to reach out to your admission counselor.

  7. Haley says:

    I’m currently at my third year of a CC. I took 24 units last semesters and got a 4.0 but before that my GPA was very low. My question is how does USC consider recent grades as opposed to grades earned 2 years ago? Also, how poorly does withdrawals look on an application? I had to withdraw from classes because I needed surgery twice. Thank you!

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Haley. We’re primarily focused on transfer applicants’ most recent coursework, however, all of your college grades will be considered as part of your application. You should discuss your personal situation within your application — this context is necessary in order for us to understand your withdrawals.

  8. Jason says:


    Can I send my high school and college transcripts after the February first deadline? If so, when is the deadline?

    Also, how do I indicate that I am a sophomore transfer instead of a junior transfer on the common application?

    Thank you.

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Jason. It’s okay if we receive your official college and high school transcripts shortly after the Feb. 1 deadline, but you should make sure to get those to us as soon as possible. Our office will evaluate your class standing based on the number of transferable units you have completed.

  9. Brittany says:

    Hi, I received a score of 3 on my AP English Language & Composition exam in high school and took one course in English (English 2) at my CC. Would this satisfy USC’s language requirements?

    • Brittany says:

      also, forgot to note: The AP credit satisfies my CC’s English requirement and allowed me to jump ahead to English 2. So will my AP score and single course fulfill USC’s English requirement?

      • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

        Hi, Brittany! AP scores will not satisfy our writing requirement. If English 2 is the WRIT 130 or WRIT 150 equivalent, however, then you will satisfy it.

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Brittany. AP exam scores can’t earn equivalency for USC’s lower-division writing requirement. If your community college offers a course that is approved to meet that requirement, you should definitely take that course. If you aren’t sure whether your college has an approved course available, I’d encourage you to reach out to your admission counselor for clarification.

      Additionally, here’s some information on how AP credits at USC work: https://arr.usc.edu/services/articulation/adv_placement_exam_credit.html

  10. Kim Julian Atienza says:


    I heard that the Marshall School of Business is very competitive. I have 3.7 and had two Ws because I was working full-time and going to school. I have professional work experience, extracurricular, and volunteer activities. What are my chances and what is the average/minimum GPA for Marshall? I’m really nervous. Also, How do I send recommendation letters to USC?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Kim! We don’t have a minimum GPA requirement. The average GPA is roughly 3.7 for students admitted to Marshall. You can have letters of recommendation mailed to this address:

      USC Office of Admission
      University Park Campus
      Los Angeles, CA 90089-0911

  11. Jason says:

    I received a 5 for my AP Calculus AB test during high school and I was able to take Calculus 2 (USC’s equivalent Math 126) at my community college. I was wondering if the USC AP credit guidelines apply to transfer students? If so, would I be able to continue where I left off if I do transfer or would the AP credit not count?

    Also, am I required to submit AP scores to USC before the admission notification?


  12. Meg Von says:

    I just sent in my application for USC as a sophomore transfer! I took 19 credits first semester and am currently taking 21 credits for spring semester. The USC guide states that if you have less than 30 credits, you need to send in your high school grades and test scores. My high school stats were poor so I made it a point to take a lot of classes in college. Since I will have 40 credits by the end of the semester, do I still need to send my high school stats?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Meg! Since you’ve maintained full-time enrollment status, we won’t be evaluating your high school academic performance or your SAT/ACT scores as part of your transfer application. However, you’re still required to submit a final high school transcript, so we can validate that you have graduated from high school.

  13. Sokunthary says:

    Hi, I am a freshman at CSU-Fresno and I would like to transfer in the fall of 2019, but I would like to know if certain colleges at USC require their own application basing on our major.

    Thank you

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Sokunthary. When applying to USC through the Common App, you will designate your intended major. You are not required to separately apply to a specific school at USC. However, certain programs do require a supplemental portfolio application through SlideRoom. For detail on applying to your intended major, I’d encourage you to check out their website.

  14. Ivy says:


    I am currently taking classes at a community college and i am looking to apply in the Fall for an undergraduate program. The only problem is that because of work and home responsibilities i will have to keep working and schooling at the same time. Will USC let me be a part-time student? I usually take about 11 units per semester. Thank you.

    • Hillary Higgins says:

      Hi Ivy, USC does not have a part-time program for undergraduate students. Very few students are enrolled part-time and it’s usually in unique circumstances.

  15. Flora says:


    If my daughter takes over 30 units in CC and earn a 4.o GPA , what are her chancesto transfer to USC in one year and she will definitely take all the required course

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      There are many factors in admission, but when students follow our recommendations (as it appears your daughter is) they are very competitive in our process!

  16. SRK says:

    Hello, I am curious if you have accepted/accept US students after studying (Economics and Math) their first year in the UK in a 4 year degree program. If so, how does the process work? What are the key considerations for such a transfer? Thank you.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      We do! Our same recommendations and procedures apply regardless of where students attend college (though we do have experts to “translate” the experiences of non-US academic programs.

  17. Jeniece says:

    My name is Jeniece and I will be attending my local Community College this fall and plan to take 15 credits my first semester and 15 credits my second. Originally I was planning to apply as a sophomore transfer to USC, however, my high school stats are really bad. Really bad! I wanted to know if I would have a chance applying with just my first semester of college grades or should I just wait until I have enough credits so high school doesn’t matter.

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Jeniece. It sounds like you plan to maintain full-time enrollment status. If you do so, we won’t be evaluating your high school grades.

  18. Katie says:

    I am a freshman at UNLV and I am an English major. I had taken Eng 205, and I did not know that it was on a pass/fail basis. I have completed 30 credits including that one S/F course. Is this the end of it all? What can I do to show I gave great effort in the class?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi Katie. I would encourage you to reach out to your admission counselor. You can find their contact information at admission.usc.edu/findyourcounselor.html.

  19. Nick says:

    Hello, I’m currently enrolled in a community college in New Jersey, I never took the SAT or the ACT but I will have 53 credits by the end of the fall 2018 semester and I plan to apply after the fall 2018 semester. Will I still be considered even though I never took the SAT or ACT? Also, will I be able to transfer as a computer science(games) major even though Im majoring in just computer science at my community college? Thanks!

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Nick. Full-time college students aren’t required to submit an ACT/SAT score as part of their transfer application. We don’t consider your current major when evaluating your application, either. As long as you’re taking the right courses, it doesn’t matter what your current major is!

  20. Ysan Taing says:

    Hello! I am currently a student at Cypress Community College. By the end of next year, I’ll be receiving my associates degree in business, which I plan to use to gain more experience pertaining to my major. I have a 3.0 gpa ( full time student and full time worker), and am involved in a volunteer organization called Circle K.

    Once I’ve completed my associates degree, would that raise my chance of transferring to USC? I would have 60+ units done by then.

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Zoey. Your associate’s degree will not have a significant impact on the evaluation of your transfer application. The most important thing is for you to follow the guidelines described within the article above.

  21. Hannah says:

    I am a freshman enrolled at my local community college, and I am a Communications major. I am a full time student, and I am in the Honors Program. I have to do three years at my community college. Will this prevent me from being admitted to USC?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Hannah. This will not prevent you from receiving an offer of admission. But, you should be aware, USC will only accept a maximum of 64 transferable units.

  22. Hannah says:

    I am a first year at my community college, and I was curious as to if the admissions office looks at Pre college level math classes when accepting students.

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Hannah. Yes, we consider all courses as part of your application, though remedial math courses aren’t transferable to USC.

  23. Carly says:

    I am going into my second year at the University of St Andrews and am hoping to apply to USC for either spring 2019 or fall 2019. Does USC accept transfers into the third year or would I hypothetically need to repeat a year and enter as a sophomore?

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Carly. USC accepts a maximum of 64 transferable units. Students who are transferring 64 units to USC will enter with junior class standing.

  24. Tyson says:

    Hello , I am going into my second year of community college and my first semester I had a strange situation with my school and they failed all of my classes . My second semester I got a 3.0 in my classes . I plan on taking 35 credits my sophomore year . I just want to know if my horrible first semester will ruin my chances of getting in to USC

    • Ryan Bouziane says:

      Hi, Tyson. We take the context of a student’s personal situation into consideration when evaluating applications, and we don’t have a GPA minimum, so this definitely won’t “ruin” your chances. However, it’s important that we have the context to understand your situation, so please make sure to include that information as part of your application.

  25. jason says:

    I just finished my second year of college and received admission from San Diego State University in Business major. By end of my second year of college, I completed 76 units with 3.9 GPA(full-time student and part-time worker for two positions). I was highly active in college events as well. Does USC accept transfer student from California State University?

  26. Michael Monrou says:

    I will be attending Cal Poly Pomona this fall for my freshmen year, however I am interested in applying t to USC for my sophomore year. Is this possible since I am at a CSU? If so, how can I make sure I am on track to be eligible to apply

  27. Bibi says:

    Hello! I was wondering if I have more than 64 by the time I apply if I will still be able to be admitted? I will probably have around 70 by the end of my last semester at CC and I don’t want this to affect my chances.

  28. Mackenzie Pak says:

    Hello I am an incoming freshman at the University of Central Florida but I am looking to transfer to USC either my sophomore or junior year. Is it required to take a foreign language class in order to transfer? Also, Who would my admissions counselor be? Would he/she be able to verify that the classes I am taking meet the requirements to transfer?


    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Mackenzie,
      Not all majors at USC require a foreign language. You can use our transferring brochure to see where it is required. You do not have to finish your foreign language courses before coming to USC, but doing so makes you more competitive in our application process.
      You can reach out to your counselor here: https://admission.usc.edu/find-your-counselor/
      They will be able to give you information about the courses that have met requirements in the past, but we cannot guarantee future articulation.

  29. Ethan says:

    Hello Ryan,

    I’m currently a freshman attending IUB interested in transferring to USC’s Marshall School of Business for the Fall 2019 Semester. My school doesn’t offer any equivalent of Writing 150 (Analytical Writing) required for BUS Admin transfers. What should I do?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Ryan! We are able to waive that requirement in situations such as yours. You do need to make sure, however, to take the calculus equivalent.

  30. Bryan says:

    Is it possible to complete foreign language requirements at SC? And I have another question: Is it acceptable to finish up courses in spring while applying to USC by February? I’ll need to submit transcript of spring grades after the end of the Springfield term, which is May 17.

  31. Joseph Shen says:

    Hi, I plan on transferring to USC after my freshman year at the University of Toronto. The credit system is a little different, but I plan on taking around 5 courses (3 of which is related to my major of choice), worth 1 credit each for my first year. Where could I refer to if I wanted to find out if my courses are enough or convert as to enough for USC?


  32. emily says:

    Hello, I am an incoming freshman at CSUN, and would really like to get into USC. I was wondering if I would be able to transfer to USC within a year? Also what are some tips to make my application really stand out? I am a political science major and have high hopes wanting to go to USC eagerly.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Emily! We do accept transfers applying after one year of college. Our process is very driven by the courses you take and your performance in them, so make sure to work hard at school and take courses that meet our GEs!

  33. Quinn says:


    I’m attending the University of Oregon this fall with the hope of transferring into USC next year…what counselor should I contact in order to better focus my efforts? I can only find a counselor if I look up my old high school. Thank you.

  34. Grant Taylor says:

    Hi, I am looking to transfer to USC in the fall of 2019. I am curious if the amount of credits to GPA ratio is looked at differently depending on the amount of credits earned at the time of applying. I will have about 70 credits after 3 semesters at my community college with probably a 3.79 GPA. I didn’t know if this amount of credits would be considered a factor when viewing my application to say someone who has a slightly higher GPA but with less credit hours.

  35. Catherine says:

    I previously attended a four-year college but had very average grades and withdrew my first semester of sophomore year due to health issues. I’ve since then gotten straight As at Pasadena City College. I’m trying to transfer as a junior but I will have over 90 units by the time I transfer. Am I still eligible for junior transfer?
    Thank you!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Catherine! Yes, you will still be considered for admission. Please be sure to explain your situation in your application and understand that you will still have to complete at least 2 full years at USC.

  36. .lorrie says:

    I am a sophomore With 45 credit hours and a 3.7 GPA. can I apply for admission in January 2019. I know you admit freshman as spring admits but did not see that option for others with more credits? I was offered Trojan transfer. So do I contact that department for additional guidance?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hello! When we admit students to the spring semester, it’s for the following year. Transfer applicants may only apply for the fall semester. Please reach out to the counselor who led your TTP session for follow up questions.

  37. Randal says:

    I am a student at LA college so far, and I would like transfer to USC, but I don’t know how to start, thanks.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Randal! This blog is a great place to introduce yourself to our transfer process. I’d also recommend coming to our transfer presentation (every Tuesday at 3 pm in our admission center) to learn more. You can reach out to your USC admission counselor with any follow up questions you may have: https://admission.usc.edu/find-your-counselor/

  38. Chris says:

    Hey there,
    I am currently interested in transfering to USC as an upcoming sophmore. I already made up my schedule for my first semester (fall) of freshman year at my current college and I am doing 16 credits. Next semester I will complete somewhere between 15- 18 credits by the end of my second semester (spring). Plus I have 12 additinoal credits earned through AP classes. I was wondering ared you going to look at my high school grades? Do I have to send my ACT or SAT (they are bad)?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Chris! We always need to see your high school transcript, but our decision will be based on your college grades. No need to send your ACT or SAT (they are meant to predict college academic performance and we’ll have actually grades to see how you’re doing).

  39. Rohit says:

    If I want to transfer as a sophomore and the first application deadline is december 1st then how will you get the info for the rest of the classes i am taking to complete that year

  40. Allison says:


    I’m a current student at San Jose State University and I want to transfer to USC after freshman year. Is this possible? When looking at the transfer planning guide, CSU San Jose was not there.

    Are there any special requirements for business? Also, is study abroad still an option if I’m a transfer?

    Thank you!

  41. Millie says:

    Hi, I’m currently an freshman in WPUNJ and undeclared. I’m taking general education classes (philosophy, college writing [honors], language, civilization, etc). Am I able to apply to USC undeclared or should I decide on a major before applying? Thank you.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Millie,
      We do require that students choose a major when they apply, but your second choice can be undecided if you’d like.

  42. Hovanes says:

    Hello, my name is Hovanes and I am planning to apply this year to the USC business program. My current GPA is just above a 3.9, with 50+ units completed. However, my first semester in community I had 3 Bs and a W. After my first semester I have only been getting A’s in all of my classes. All the while I have been working at a Bank for two years throughout my whole college career. I am also a coach and have been training in MMA/Karate for 8+ years.
    Are my chances in admission looking good, and is that enough extra caricullar activities or should I work on more?
    Thank you

  43. Sammy says:

    Hello, I am planning on applying for transfer as junior during the 2019 fall semester. I currently am earning a 3.85 gpa as a full-time student and a full-time worker. Because I am full-time in both school and work a long with personal circumstances, I have not had much time for volunteer work and extra curricular activities. I can attempt pursue both of those, but I am worried that my academic status might be affected if I do so. How greatly will this lack of volunteer work and extra curricular activities impact my chances of admission?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Sammy! Our transfer process is mainly concerned with academic preparedness. We know that all students have different experiences and requirements on their time, so we do not have any expectations/requirements for how they spend their time outside of class.

  44. Loura says:

    Hi, I have a very heavy load of class this semester and next semester , I want to apply as sophomore for fall of 2019 , unfortunately since I work part time I really don’t have time to do volunteer work . And I was wondering not having volunteer work is going to hurt my application?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Loura! Our transfer process is mainly concerned with academic preparedness. We know that all students have different experiences and requirements on their time, so we do not have any expectations/requirements for how they spend their time outside of class.

  45. Kristi says:

    Hi, I am currently a junior at Boston College. I am interested in transferring to USC for the Spring 2019 semester. Does USC take spring transfers and what is the deadline to apply?
    Thank you

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Kristi,
      Students can only apply for the fall (though we do admit some students to the following spring semester). The deadline is February 1st.

  46. Kevin says:

    Hello I’m currently in my senior year of high school and I’m looking to transfer into USC as a sophomore fate a year of community college andI would like to know that if I get that high GPA of 3.7 or higher and complete all the required course work would I be able to transfer from brookdale in New jersey considering I complete the 30 units or is it not possible?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Kevin! We accept transfer students from schools all over the country and the world! If you follow the advice of this blog, you will be a competitive transfer applicant in our pool.

  47. Monica says:

    Hi! I’m currently a student in Pasadena City College and planning to transfer to USC for 2019 Fall semester. I have been in PCC for almost 2 years (2017 spring-2018 fall) and by the end of current semester I will gain 65 units in total. I believe that I have completed the math and English required courses, major required courses, 6 GE classes, and foreign language requirement. Basically I have fulfilled the requirements on couses for transfer. Under the situation, I wonder if I can take a gap (2019Spring) before transfer? I can apply for an internship related to my major. If then, I will be graduating this semester and gain my AA degree. Will the gap effect my qualification for transfer? Will that affect my admission to USC? Thank you for helping!

  48. Jessica Sinishtaj says:

    Hi, Im currently English Major at Long Beach City College. I have some concerns about the foreign language requirement. I only took one year of foreign language in high school and haven’t taken any course in college. Would it be recommended to take the three required courses or just take the placement exam? How do I go about this because my counselor at school wasn’t very helpful with applying to private institution like USC

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Jessica! Not all of our majors have a foreign language requirement, so first make sure that this applies to you. We do not require that students finish their foreign language requirement prior to transferring to USC; however, applicants who have at least started to take foreign language classes in college are more competitive in our application process.

  49. Isabel Perez says:

    Hello, I am currently attending Community College, my first semester, and I am interested in applying to the USC architectural program. I have spoken to several of the counselors here in my current college and they are all unsure of when I am able to apply for transfer. I graduated from High School in 2018 and have received an AA in culinary arts since then. When and what courses would I need to have completed before applying for transfer?

  50. Kaylee Davis says:

    If I transfer to a community college from my current university to transfer and the university was on a quarter system while the cc is on a semester system, how many transferable units do I need? I have a total of 8 AP credits as I received two 4’s on my Spanish and psychology exam.

  51. Michael says:

    I am planning to start college in the spring school year and aim to complete 15 credits. Would I still need to send my sat scores if I have a total of 30 credits?

  52. Michelle says:

    Hello, I am currently enrolled at a California CC and have a 3.7 gpa. This will be my third year at a CC and I will be graduating next semester. Does the fact that I have been at a CC for awhile affect my chances of getting admitted?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Michelle! It depends on why you have been there for three years–this is a nuanced process. Please make sure to explain the situation in your application so we can give it full consideration.

  53. Sammie says:


    I am currently finishing up my first semester at LMU. I will have completed 25 units. Next semester, I plan on taking 19 units. How will you receive my grades for spring if the application is due on February 1st? Also, I cannot find the contact information for my counselor (Samuel Williams). How can I find this?

  54. Manuel Martinez says:


    I am interested in applying to USC and enroll in to your Army ROTC program. I am currenlty an actived duty soldier in the U.S. Army interested in going from green to gold. The first step is to get accepted in to college to qualify for this program. My concern is that I graduated from high school in 2015. After high school I attended community college for a semester. I took two classes and unfortunately dropped them after the withdraw period. I then joined the Army in 2016. Since then I have take pre-req online classes. I only have 3 credit hours. Would it still be possible to apply as a freshman to USC? My grades in high school were also not the best. But I hope the admissions team can see that my military experience has prepared to make an excellent college student. Thank you for your help, I look forward to your response.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Manuel! Unfortunately, students who have taken college courses post graduation cannot apply as freshmen. I would encourage you to continue your studies (either online or after you return from your tour of duty) in order to prepare yourself to apply as a transfer.

  55. Jackie says:

    I want to transfer to USC after my first year at a community college, I am currently about to complete my winter semseter. Does the admissions office only base their decision on the grades from winter term or do they also look at spring term grades and base their decision off both terms, given that deadline to apply for USC is February 1st? Do my high school grades become a factor for my admissions decision because I don’t have 30 completed credits to apply with?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Jackie,

      We will likely need to see your spring grades as well (if so, we will request them). You will need to send your ACT/SAT for our consideration because of the smaller amount of course work completed.

  56. Molly Jewett says:

    Hi, If I’m transferring from a previous school and took statistics, do I still have to take Algebra, even if I took it in High School? I also only took 2 years of math in high School and proceeded to graduate early, will that mean I have to take an additional math course as well?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Molly! If you have taken statistics in college and received a C or higher, you have met our baseline math requirement.

  57. Matthew says:


    I am interested in applying to USC as a transfer student. However, I currently attend a CSU that recently changed from quarter to semester. I am also going into my second year of college. How would this affect the admissions process? Thank you for your help, I look forward to your response.

  58. Kirt says:


    Just a quick question about the minimum math requirement for transfer. I placed into math125 (Intermediate Algebra) at my community college. I see that while Intermediate Algebra does not transfer for credit at USC, it does meet the minimum math requirement for USC. However, I do see on the transfer brochure that I have the option of taking Econ1 or Econ2 for my quantitative reasoning (math) requirement. These economics classes, do actually transfer for credit a USC. So my question is, am I fulfilling the minimum math requirement for USC by taking Econ1 or Econ2? These classes transfer for credit. Unlike intermediate algebra, which does not transfer, and my major is in Dornsife, and doesn’t have any higher math requirement. What do you recommend? Will I be at a disadvantage at admission and not completing the math requirement by taking Econ instead of intermediate Algebra?


    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Kirt. Econ does not meet the minimum math requirement. You should either take intermediate algebra which meets the minimum math) or statistics (which meets the minimum math and GE-F requirements).

  59. Nicole Y Pound says:

    Hi! I am a current CC student who will have 90 quarter units by Spring term. Does that mean I need to apply as a junior applicant? I am a one year transfer so I would really like to apply as a sophomore. What are the number of units for each class standing?

    • Jaclyn Robbin says:

      Hi Nicole, 90 quarter units would be equal to almost two years of full-time study at USC (64 semester units). Your entry status will be dependent on the number of units that USC accepts for credit (which is a maximum of 64 semester units), which is determined after you are admitted to the university.

  60. Mahinder says:

    I am currently in a community college in Dallas. I want to apply for electrical engineering for upcoming fall.I have a 3.76 GPA at the time of applying and I can improve it. I will have completed all physics, chemistry and math requirement in next sem. What are my chances of acceptance. I have a few ECs.


    • Jaclyn Robbin says:

      Hi Mahinder, unfortunately, we cannot determine a student’s chances of acceptance until we have had a chance to fully review your application. The best advice I can give you is to continue to work hard and make sure you apply by the transfer deadline. Feel free to check out the Viterbi transfer website as well for information and advice on the transfer application process (http://viterbiadmission.usc.edu/transfer/).

  61. Nicole says:


    I have a tough semester at CC and had to withdraw from two classes. Where do the amount of W on my transcript stand with my transfer admission? Do you view my retaking the class as cancelling the W out or will it play into accepting my application?

    • Jaclyn Robbin says:

      Hi Nicole, If you feel comfortable to do so, please feel free to include an explanation as to why you had to drop the courses in your “additional information” section so we better understand the context behind this decision. Retaking a course will not make the withdrawal disappear, but we want to see you be successful in full-time coursework going forward. Withdrawals are not ideal, but they will not have a significant impact on your consideration for admission if they are a one-time occurrence rather than a persistent pattern.

  62. Elijah says:

    Applying as a transfer – I am currently a Sophmore in college. My Transcript has been officially sent to common app from my college. It also appears that USC requires my high school transcript. However, I do not see anywhere on the common app where I can request an official High School transcript from the high school I graduated from in 2017. Is there a USC form that I can send to my high school? Or is there a way that my high school should send an official transcript to the Common App to forward to USC or should an official high school transcript be sent directly to USC. Lastly, I applied and was accepted to USC as a Freshman, is it possible that USC would still have my high school transcript on file? Thank you for your help in advance.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Elijah,
      You should reach out to your high school directly. They will have a means of requesting a transcript. it should be sent to USC either electronically or through the mail. While we likely have a transcript on file for you, it wouldn’t be your final transcript (which includes all of your grades and your graduation date), so please send a new copy.

  63. Amy says:

    I am writing the 600 words of essay for why you want to transfer to SC.
    I have finished one semester in CC and got 4.0 GPA.
    I will apply the major in Math.
    Essay is really my weakness, can you give me a hint what needs to be included in the essay? If I am short from 600 words, will that impact the decision for acceptance even if I have GPA 4.0?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Amy, We don’t need exactly 600, but we want you to fully explore the question of why you are transferring. What are your goals? What has your academic path looked like? This is what we are trying to understand.

  64. Rebecca says:

    Hello! I have a question regarding sending college transcripts. I sent my college transcripts as an official PDF directly from my school’s registrar to USC. Does USC need my transcripts that has been verified by the Common Application? Thanks!

  65. Amy says:

    I have just submitted the application.
    When will I get the email to access the portal?

  66. Diming Liao says:

    Good morning! I just immigrated from China to be a permanent resident in South Carolina. Currently I am a Sophomore in University in China with major in environment control related. My aunt was graduated from USC IMBA years ago and she referred me to USC as I plan to pursue my master degree too. I have visited the USC website for transferring, while I am still not so sure if I need take TOEFL test or how to calculate the credits I have earned in China. Thank you in advance.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Diming! You do not need the TOEFL once you become a permanent resident. Because we only have articulation agreements for community colleges in California, it’s unlikely we have much information regarding credits from your university. You can, however, reach out to your admission counselor for more information: https://admission.usc.edu/find-your-counselor/

  67. Suzy says:

    Hello! If I withdraw my application, does that affect my chance of getting in next year? Does USC see my application?

    • Hillary Higgins says:

      Hi Suzy, Withdrawing your application now will not affect your application next year. We understand there are lots of reasons a student may not be able to attend USC right now. If you no longer wish to be considered for admission, please withdraw your application.

  68. Alice says:

    Hello! If I have 39 Units in the spring, must I still submit my high school transcripts? I understand that students will be sent admission decisions on May 31st and I will be completed with my 39 units by then! Would it be alright if I sent my new official transcripts (with my spring grades) or will I be dropped from possible admission if I don’t submit my highschool transcripts? To my knowledge, students with less than 30 units must submit highschool transcripts; I will have 39 units, which is why I believe it would be alright to send another official transcripts. Thank you in advance!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Alice,

      ALL transfer students must submit a final high school transcript. You should reach out to your high school to have an official copy sent to our office.

  69. Alexis Aviles says:

    I’m currently in my senior year in high school and I am looking to to transfer from Hillsborough Community College to USC to major in game design/development. How ever my college is not listed on your website to generate a transfer credits list. The academic advisor at HCC told me since my major required a few less credits then some degrees that I would be short on credits needed transfer. The problem is I can’t figure out what classes I am supposed to take for my first two years at HCC that would be transferable when I apply for transfer to USC or which credits I would be missing.

  70. Lauren says:

    Hello! I’m applying to USC as a transfer student after my first year at an out of state 4 year university. I had a 4.0 for my last two semesters in HS as well as my first semester in college. Currently, in my second semester, I have all A’s and one B. Would you recommend as an applicant to withdrawal from that class and have a W on my transcript rather than a B?
    Please advise.
    Thanks and have a great day.

  71. Joseph says:

    Hello, I am planning to apply as a transfer student from UC Riverside. Does USC accept transfer students for the spring term? I wanted to apply for Fall 2019 as a business student but had not acquired my transcripts in time to apply. Also, will my application be competitive with a gpa of 3.8 but without profession experience or extra curriculars?
    Thanks so much!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Joseph–We only all students to apply for the fall. Our decisions are made primarily on your transcript, so no need to be concerned about your outside experiences (we can help you get those at USC)!

  72. Suzy says:

    Hello! I’ve sent over my official college transcripts three times and my online portal says that USC still has not received them. Is there anyway I can ensure USC will receive my transcripts if I send them again? What address should I be sending my transcripts too? I’m really nervous that this will affect my chances of getting into USC.

  73. Hok Lam Lau says:


    I am currently a freshman in my second semester at San Jose State University and am looking to transfer to USC as a Junior for Business Administration. I now have 53 transferable units and my question is if I retain my full-time status, and take classes in my Sophomore year and end up exceeding the 64 unit limit by a fair amount, would I not be eligible to transfer to USC? Would I need to take fewer units to meet that 64 unit mark?

    Thank you very much.

  74. bobbi says:

    I went to high school in the UK and did A levels -got 2 A* and 2 A grades, I am currently living in California and have been accepted to UCSB (I didn’t apply to USC this year and now regret this). I am thinking I should attend UCSB for a year then apply for transfer in my first year. I really need to be in LA for family reasons. I plan to major in maths.
    What should I do to ensure I complete the transfer requirements as soon as possible?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Bobbi! Please review the Transferring to USC brochure and other resources linked above. You will find the guidance you need in order to prepare to transfer. If you have more specific questions after reviewing this information, you can reach out to your USC admission counselor: https://admission.usc.edu/find-your-counselor/

  75. Valerie says:

    Hi! I’m a current senior in high school and was recently denied from USC for this year’s incoming class. However, USC remains my first choice and my goal is to hopefully attend as a sophomore transfer. My option right now is to attend a university in the UK, but given the structural limitations of the curriculum (only allowed to take courses within the specific major), it would be difficult for me to fulfill USC’s GE requirements in my first year. I was wondering if this educational context would be taken into consideration, as well as other steps I could take to possibly make myself a more competitive applicant in preparation for the USC curriculum? Thank you so much!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi Valerie,

      I would recommend reaching out to your admission counselor. Transfer decisions are made largely upon the college transcript, so it is very important that you are taking classes that count toward GE and/or degree process at USC. Your admission counselor can help you weigh your options and figure out the best plan for you.

  76. Veronica says:

    Hi! I am currently an ECC student, and I am planning to transfer in Spring 2020. I am interested in applying to USC. Do you accept Spring transfers? If so, when are the application deadlines? Thank you!

    • Jaclyn Robbin says:

      Hi Veronica,

      USC only accepts transfer applications for the fall semester, so you will be able to apply for Fall 2020 instead.

  77. Lim says:

    Hi, does high school GPA affects the acceptance? I am currently attending different university and would like to transfer to USC.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Lim! We consider your high school grades, but the focus of our review is on your college work.

  78. Laith Zayed says:

    Hi! I am currently a student at the University of Mississippi and i just declared my biology major. going into my sophomore year is there anything that i should do in regards to extra curricular activity’s that would help or would stand out in my transfer application to USC.Thank you!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Laith! Extracurricular involvement is wonderful for your personal development, but it is not given weight in the transfer application process. You should get involved in ways you find fulfilling.

  79. Terrence Davis says:

    Hello,my name is Terrence Davis and was planning on applying as a transfer student with 30 plus units as a sophomore for the 2020 fall term and had a couple questions (still in highschool). My major is philosophy, politics and law, and noticed the GE requirements needed a language i am fluent in Spanish (from in house speaking) and also took 3 years in high school (Spanish) and was wondering if that covered the requirements. I took a dual Bio class and got a B. Also I am taking the AP MACRO exam and when i pass, i will end up with a B in the class. Both of these classes are needed GE units to transfer and was wondering if i should take upper level Econ and Bio to show i can get that A or to focus and get all A’s in all other GE required classes for my major.

  80. Jian Placencia says:


    I would like to transfer to USC next spring. Sadly, unfortunately, I had to drop two classes this semester because I got bronchitis and I was not cleared to go to school. Will that affect my chances of getting in?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Jian! It could, so you should explain the situation in your application so we are aware that there was a medical issue. Please note that students can only apply for the fall semester. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your admission counselor!

  81. Emily says:

    What happens if I withdrew a class that resulted in a W. Is it going to affect my chance of getting accepted into USC?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Emily! It could. This depends on how many Ws are on your transcript, whether the W dropped you down to part time status, whether it was in a major related course, etc. Because there are so many factors and it’s looked at in a holistic way, I’m not able to say precisely how it will or will not affect admission.

  82. Katherine says:

    Hi I am currently at a community college, I maintain a 4.0 GPA and I was planning to major in Business. But I have a “W” grade on Accounting which is a major related class, will it massively affect my application? Hopefully you give me an honest answer so I know what to do for my future plans or change in major. Thanks so much!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Katherine. Honestly, it could, but decisions are made on so many factors that it’s hard to say for sure without looking at your entire record and the entire applicant pool. I would recommend explaining why you withdrew from the course and, if you have a second choice major, addressing that as well as your first choice in your short answer essays.

  83. Mary says:

    Hello! I’ve applied to USC as a transfer. My major is accounting, how do I go about going into the school of accounting at USC?
    Do I apply again?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Mary–If you’re admitted, you will receive more information from Marshall and Leventhal about that process. It involves taking accounting classes and doing well, so it’s a more streamlined process.

  84. Minal says:

    I plan to transfer to USC in Spring 2020. I will be starting my sophomore year at Stony Brook in Fall 2019. What GPA would I need in Fall 2019, to get into USC?


    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Minal! We do not accept transfer applicants for the spring. You will have to apply for Fall 2020 using the guidelines covered in this blog and in the transferring brochure.

  85. Jinyi says:

    USC is alwasy my dream school. Actually I always Maintain a high gpa at3.9 for three quarters, but I got really serious stomach illness during academic year. As a result, it influences my life a lot and i got 3.0 in my winter quarter. I am very worried about it. Is that still possible to get into your school?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Jinyi–You should let your admission counselor know about the situation so they can take it into consideration.

  86. Una says:

    I am currently finishing up my first year at community college. I have accumulated 49 units and have finished the articulation agreement, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Since I didn’t apply this time around and I only have 1 more class for fall, will this schedule impact me when applying later this year?

    Please let me know, thank you!

  87. Matthew Orgera says:

    Hi there, I am a recent high school graduate (class of 2019) and I am attending Colorado State University majoring in business administration with an emphasis in real estate. I would be interested in applying for the fall of 2020 and was wondering if I could get more information on what classes I should take and if I need to send my act score. Please let me know. Thanks so much.

  88. Scott E says:

    Hi USC!
    I am considering transferring to USC. I currently go to UNLV, and I’m a rising Sophomore. Due to personal reasons, I did very poorly in my first semester of college, and received a 2.2 GPA. However, in the spring, I was better off, and I retook many of the classes I did poorly in, and got A’s in them. The earlier classes were removed from my GPA, and the better classes replaced them. Will USC only look at my first semester, or will they follow my university’s guidelines and count the newer courses?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      We have to evaluate all coursework, so please include an explanation for the low grades in your application. That context will be key.

  89. Tiffany Chau says:

    I just graduated from high school and I am attending Cal State Fullerton majoring in business administration. I would be interested in applying for the fall of 2020 and was wondering where I could find the equivalent to the prerequisite for admission to the Marshall School of Business Writ 150 as I have already checked the articulation agreement and there was no match. Please let me know. Thanks so much.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Tiffany! If there’s no equivalent listed on the articulation history, there is likely no class that meets the requirement at your school. When this happens at four year colleges, we waive the writing requirement for admission. If admitted to USC, you would take Writ 150 here instead.

  90. Liz says:

    Hello, im interested in applying but as mentioned for tranfers the primary focus is on grades. Is there anything you could reccomend to someone with lower than the GPA average do in order to make themselves stand out. Thank you.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Liz! You should explain in your application any circumstances that may have affected your academic performance–context is important! We also pay attention to trend, so it’s important for you to keep working to improve your grades. We do take into account how you write about yourself and your aspirations, and we want to see a true fit for what USC has to offer, so spending time on your essays is also important.

  91. Grace says:

    Hi, I took a semester off because I needed to focus on some family ordeals, would that deter me from being able to apply? My GPA wasn’t the best prior to that but it is currently going up and I am meeting almost all the courses required for my major.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Grace! You should still apply and explain the situation so we have context. This is not an uncommon occurrence, but we need to have a good understanding of your time off.

  92. Curren Rashi says:

    My academic journey has been rocky and complicated, but everything I have gone through and endured has shaped me into a confident and self aware person with a lot of motivation and lofty aspirations. How would you consider a rocky and inconsistent community college journey to current clarity and aspirations?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Curren! We will absolutely take your story into consideration. We will want to see an upward trend and have an explanation of the situation so that we can be confident in your ability to succeed at USC.

  93. Julia says:

    Hello, I am a biological sciences major at a community college and planning on transferring soon. I was wondering if i need to take organic chemistry at the community college or i can go ahead and apply for transfer with just take general chemistry (one year).

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Julia! It’s not required to transfer, but doing well in higher level work will make you more competitive in our process.

  94. Olena Les says:

    I am a student at a community college, and I plan to transfer to USC. MY question is where I can find an online application for transfer students and what is dead line if I am planning to transfer in Fall 2020?


  95. Sandra says:

    Hello, my college doesn’t offer any course that is equivalent WRIT150 or WRIT130. Will this hurt my admission?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Sandra! We can waive this for admission purposes if you’re coming from a 4-year school that doesn’t have an equivalent. If admitted, you would take the course here.

  96. Ben says:


    Hello, I’m currently an active duty soldier in the Army, right now I’m taking online courses at a community college in California.I’m stationed at Texas and as of right now I plan to hopefully get into the cinematic film field at USC.I have currently 21 units but by the end of this fall semester I’ll have 33, my gpa is a 3.7 right now but by the end of this semester I’m shooting for a 3.8.I’m also aware that applications also require personal work that demonstrates experience, I have two screenplays right now and was wondering if it could help for admission as well.Due to hectic scheduling in the service I had to drop two classes past spring because I was at the field for two weeks and couldn’t maintain the time frame the classes required.I plan to apply Feb.1 hopefully to get into the fall semester next year 2020, as for my two withdrawals is there a way that I can explain in my application about my situation from being at the field and can I apply with 33 credits while still taking more courses? thank you

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Ben! You can submit your screenplays if you’re applying for the screenwriting major, but otherwise our faculty won’t be able to review them.
      You can certainly apply with fewer than 30 credits completed! Please also explain the withdrawals so we can fully understand your story.

  97. Maisha Ibnat says:

    Hi. I am a student fromBangladesh University of Professionals. I have completed 60 credits in my university but do not how many credits will be accedted in Marshall School of Business. Also I have completed a Fundamenatls of English and Business Mathmatics course. Will they cover my English and Math requiremnents?

  98. Melisa says:

    Hello, I am an international student and I am studying at community college right now. I plan to apply to transfer to USC this fall. If I took English 1 and English 2 courses with an A, do I still need to take TOEFL test to apply?

    In addition, to show my bank statement on the application process, do I need to show certain amount of money on bank account or can I also show my family’s income recorded in bank transactions?

    Thank you.

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Melisa! All international students must submit an English proficiency exam (there is no way to waive this requirement). We need to see that your family can cover one year’s cost of attendance so that we can issue your student visa.

  99. Sky says:

    I’m not so sure if this was asked already, but I was wondering if a community college student out of state would be able to apply/ transfer to USC? Also if transfers were only for soon to be sophomores. I know USC is one of, if not the best, school for physical therapy, so would that thin out the chances even more? Sorry if that was confusing!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Sky! Nice to hear from you. We take transfers from out of state community colleges and it’s possible to apply after only one year. We don’t have a PT degree for undergraduates, but many students get a BS in Human Biology then go on to get graduate degrees in PT.

  100. Mimi says:

    I wanted to ask what the average GPA of transfer students who gets accepted into USC Marshall? Also how much do extracurriculars weigh in the transfer application? Does taking extracurriculars related to business help my application?

    Thank you

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Mimi! We expect to see about a 3.7 GPA. We consider extracurricular involvement, but the emphasis is on the transcript.

  101. Victor Torres says:

    Hi, I am currently enrolled full-time for my CC and plan on attending USC during the fall of 2021. I understand that USC has a strong focus academically however I was wondering how much do they emphasis on a skill or impact outside of school. I know Stanford requires you to be an upholding citizen that is making a big change in their community etc. Is this the same case for USC? I hope to attend Marshall School of business and I am working on getting my Real Estate license to learn that field. I am also apart of the student body at my CC and I work in my CC bookstore and tutor. My main concern is how much does USC want to see what kind of individual are you and the impact you have made. As both Stanford and UC Berkeley emphasize. Also as part of the process do you interview each applicant?

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Hi, Victor! We do take that into consideration, but strong involvement will not make up for lackluster academic performance. That is going to be the most important part of the transfer application.
      We do not offer interviews, but if there is information you do not feel you can get into your application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.

  102. Laura says:

    Hi there,

    I’m inquiring about the math requirement. It says intermediate algebra or any higher level college math course. I have completed MATH114 – would that be considered a higher level course and therefore mean I don’t have to take intermediate algebra?

    Thank you!

    • Brittany Baker-Brousseau says:

      Correct, Laura! If you took a stats course equivalent to our Math 114, it counts as meeting the basic math requirement.

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