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April 10, 2015

GUEST BLOG: I Was Denied From USC–But Now I’m Here!

Over 50,000 students applied to USC and unfortunately, we had to deny a majority. This guest blog is from one of those students who, through the initial disappointment, still found a way to enroll at USC via the transfer process. If you have questions about transferring to USC, contact your territory manager.

dave blog pic I had been a fan of USC football and frequent visitor of the campus for almost six years when I received a letter telling me I had been denied admission. USC was, by every metric, my dream school, top of my list. When friends or family asked where I wanted to go to college, USC was the default answer. For a while, after receiving my deny letter, I refused to entertain the notion of having anything to do with USC. I had invested so much of myself into USC that it hurt me on a deep level to be denied. A part of me knew that my SAT score and grades didn’t make me a strong candidate, but I had hoped that maybe they were just enough to get in. However, May 1 was approaching fast and I had to make a decision. Where would I attend college in the fall?

Coming to terms with making this decision, there was no denying that I still wanted to go to USC. I was determined to become a Trojan somehow and this line of thinking helped inform my selection. I wasn’t going to USC my first semester, but maybe I could get there by my third year. My new plan was to transfer. I committed to enroll at a local four-year university and for two years, I commuted to campus each day. It wasn’t always fun but it was necessary. During my time there, I became much stronger academically and matured as a student. My writing skills sharpened and my sense of the world around me expanded. I discovered a subject that caught hold of my interest and declared my major. During this time I was in contact with an admission counselor from USC who guided me through the process and helped me decide which classes would transfer. With this plan laid out before me, I felt that I had a clear academic path where others might still be deciding on what major to consider.

Transferring from a four year school was not as easy of a process as it could have been had I gone to a community college. Whenever it came time to create my next semester’s schedule, I was pretty much on my own. Counselors at my four year school couldn’t help me plan my transfer and USC’s counselors can give guidance, but it was still up to me to choose my classes wisely. What made the process so difficult was setting a schedule of classes that satisfied both USC requirements and my current graduation requirements just in case I wasn’t accepted to USC. I spent many hours creating different schedules each semester to find the optimum mix of classes that met requirements and classes that were an interesting subject matter that would expand my horizons.

Ultimately, I believe that if I hadn’t gone through the transfer process, I wouldn’t be prepared for USC. I matured as a student and focused my interests because I was determined to transfer. If I hadn’t been as proactive as I was, I may still be deciding on a major. Now I’m at USC and I’ve developed an interest in digital media and am taking classes in the film school, something I never really thought about before beginning my own time as a Trojan.

By: David Viramontes
Class of 2017