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April 24, 2014

GUEST BLOG: 5 Things All Spring Admits Should Know

***My colleague and fellow USC Admission Counselor, Vivika Demel, is a USC Alum. I just recently discovered that she happened to be admitted into the spring semester at USC. She was gracious enough to share her personal experience on the following guest blog. Read on for an inside look into what it’s like as a spring admitted student.***
     As a former spring admit, I understand the confusion many of you might be experiencing right now. I remember receiving my big envelope, reading my acceptance letter from USC, and then realizing I was admitted for the spring.

“What does spring admission even mean?,”

I thought, “Why me? Does it mean I was not good enough for fall?” I put in a few calls to the Admission Office and thanks to a few helpful admission counselors and students, I soon had my questions answered. I decided to accept USC’s spring offer. In retrospect, there were advantages to enrolling in the spring, and I loved my Trojan experience.

Here are 5 things that helped me understand my offer of admission to spring semester:


  1. Being admitted for spring does NOT mean that USC does not want you! Concentrate on the Admit part of Spring Admit. We want you! We’re just not able to accommodate all the students we want for the fall semester, but we still want you as a member of the Trojan Family.
  2. You can be involved at USC in the fall. Spring admits can purchase tickets for home football games and sit in the student section. Going to games allowed me to meet other students and experience the Spirit of Troy. In addition, students can live near campus and take classes at local community colleges, allowing you to connect with other Trojans in the fall.
  3. You have many different options for your fall semester. Students can enroll at a community college, study at the American University of Paris (I wish that this option was available when I was a spring admit), travel or work, or do so much more. The opportunities are endless, and you have the luxury to choose whatever is best for you.
  4. You can still graduate on time. Students who take classes at a community college are often able to graduate with their fellow Trojans who started in the fall. I actually took five General Education courses in the fall, and was able to double major and minor at USC – and still graduate on time.
  5. You will still have an authentic USC experience. Regardless of when they start, all of our students get to experience USC life to its fullest. You can still be involved in our activities, events, classes, and organizations. Furthermore, we guarantee housing for our spring admits and try to pair spring admits together to ensure a shared smooth transition.

     To sum it up, do not be scared or stressed about your spring admission. You are a member of the Trojan Family with endless options and opportunities available.
     If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Admission or your admission counselor.

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  1. Anoud Albader says:

    Im applying for the Spring 2015 and I really loved all that you have said about Spring. Im from saudi arabia and it will be my pleasure if get acquainted.

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