Cozy Campus Coffee Spots

Aaaaaahh, December! This month is a very interesting yet exciting time for myself and my colleagues within the Office of Admission at USC. It is the start of an LA winter – highs are in the 60s (yet still so cold), there’s fog in the morning, and the sun is setting at 5pm. It also means our December 1st deadline has just passed and we have begun reading your applications! It’s the true start to what we call “reading season!” On the other hand, our current USC students are hunkering down for finals, so this means all Trojans are in need of fuel right now…AKA caffeine.   

My friends can confirm that my primary sustenance is coffee (a grande hot latte with an extra shot of espresso from Starbucks, to be specific). But I am not the only coffee addict in our office or on campus! I say this because there are SEVERAL coffee spots on campus, which can only mean that Trojans really love their coffee. So, the Blog Squad thought it would be a good idea to document some favorite cozy drinks at some of the coffee shops on campus.  Truth be told, this project was one I was very excited about and I’m not ashamed to say that I had a lot of coffee in the last couple of weeks… and so have my colleagues. We were on the hunt for “SCrumptious” coffee on campus, and I now present the Cozy Coffee reviews from the Territory Managers (TM) of Office of Admission: 

Scroll through the pictures of our on campus coffee experiences by clicking on the arrows next to each picture

Law Café

Located in the Gould School of Law 

TM Reviewer(s): Dylan Goodwill, Andy Nguyen, Isaiah Sneed & Rachel Cho 

Order(s): Hot Latte, Thai Tea with Boba, Espresso over ice & Milk Tea with Boba 

“Thai Tea Boba!  Not too sweet and healthy amount of boba given.” 

“Busy, but the line moves quickly! Good place to study or catch up with friends – has a good number of tables and chairs.”  

Seeds Marketplace

Located in Tutor Campus Center 

TM Reviewer(s): Lina Goggins-Rendón 

Order(s): Yerba Matte Tea 

“Grocery store vibe.  If you’re in a hurry, Seeds is great for a grab-and-go bottled coffee, juice or energy drink. Seeds is best known as the place for great paninis and salads.  There is also sushi, snacks and hot meals like Mac n’ Cheese, grilled salmon or roasted chicken.” 

Café Annenberg/Illy at Annenberg

Located in Annenberg School of Journalism 

TM Reviewer(s): James Ezell & Dylan Goodwill  

Order(s): Vanilla Frappe with extra vanilla flavor & Hot Latte with an extra shot of espresso 

“I would consider this an open concept that is great for a grab and go.” 

“Coffee and other hot drinks were the primary menu, but they are one of the only places on campus that serves gelato!”  

Note: James would like to recommend the Affogato (if available) and Dylan would like to recommend any of the gelato (if available). 

Popovich/Illy at Marshall

Located in the Marshall School of Business 

TM Reviewer(s): Lina Goggins-Rendón, Jamie Black, Tyler Swartout & Jennifer Cox 

Order(s): Mocha latte with whipped cream, Vanilla Iced Coffee, Hot Mocha & Hot Mocha with Oat Milk 

“I love Illy because the coffee is always great quality and I definitely feel more awake and ready to go for the day!”  

“Breakfast, lunch, and coffee options. Mostly for grab and go, they have acai bowls too! 😀” 

“This was a super convenient place to grab a quick lunch and yummy mocha (and even more convenient if you order head on the USC Campus Dining mobile app!); I’m excited to try more things on the menu!” 

Starbucks at Trojan Grounds

Located near Leavey Library 

TM Reviewer(s): Lucy Negash, Camille Bradshaw, Cal Jensen & Tyler Swartout 

Order(s): Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, (another) Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew & Toasted White Mocha with an extra espresso shot 

“’Trojan Grounds’ the Starbucks that is open (almost) 24 hours a day!” 

“TroGro is great for a quick coffee or snack; it’s more of a fast-paced vibe for you to grab a coffee while studying at nearby Leavey Library. Or you might see some Admission Counselors running in to grab a Pumpkin Spiced Latte before heading to the Admission Center! Minimal tables outside, but plenty of good snacks if you don’t want to make the trek to Seeds.” 

“A great easy place to pick up a reliable drink anytime, and it’s also very conveniently located next to multiple dorms, libraries, and parking lots.” 


Located in Doheny Library 

TM Reviewer(s): Jordan Holmes & Hayley Camin 

Order(s): Whole Milk Latte & Oat Milk Latte 

“Drip coffee, espresso drinks, hot and iced teas, grab-and-go snacks, breakfast burritos served all day!” 

“Tucked behind Doheny Library, LiteraTea is a great quiet spot to cozy up with your drink and your favorite breakfast burrito (served all day!). Find a spot in the large bench to the left when you enter or take your drink outside under the metal umbrellas for some fresh air.” 

“Cute and cozy! The courtyard is a great quiet place to grab a coffee and read a book.” 

Coffee Bean

Located in the School of Cinematic Arts 

TM Reviewer(s): Reuben Hernandez & Dylan Goodwill

Order(s): Vanilla Iced Latte & Iced Latte with an extra shot of espresso

“Great place for either a quick grab or catching up with your friends! Staff is great and the lines are short.” 

“Best iced coffee on campus!” 

“Even though it’s a little bit of a walk to get here it’s totally worth it. The coffee is great and nice spot to enjoy a drink around the fountain.” 

C&G Juice Co.

Located in Tutor Campus Center

TM Reviewer(s): Lina Goggins-Rendón & Dylan Goodwill 

Order(s): Fight On Smoothie & Iced Coffee with Vanilla flavor 

“[Primarily], the go-to for smoothies and fresh-pressed juice is C&G Juice Co at the Tutor Campus Center. Whether you’re in the mood for mango or want a post-workout protein shake, C&G Juice Co has delicious drink options. You can also create your own açaí bowl!” 

“Quick grab, friendly staff – Located in the heart of campus, it’s a great place to hang out with friends and meet new people.” 

“Easy place to get a quick and basic cup of coffee – apart from Seeds & Trojan Grounds, of course!” 

For this project, my colleagues and I got to drink many cozy drinks and visit many awesome coffee spots on campus.  It’s safe to say that the Office of Admission is fully caffeinated (maybe too caffeinated – some of us are a bit jittery) and are hard at work, reading your applications!   

If you are ever on campus, give our coffee shops some love: University Park Campus – USC Hospitality 

Written by: 

Dylan Goodwill, Assistant Director – USC Office of Undergraduate Admission