“How’s your psychology major?”

College Fair

Our office has a running joke: “How’s your psychology major?” This question, while valid, is one of the more common questions we hear from students. I can absolutely see why a student would want to ask about a specific major they’re interested in, but there might be a better way of phrasing this type of question.

When you attend a college fair, go in with a game plan. What types of colleges and universities might you be interested in? What’s important to you in a college- academic programs? Size of the campus and student body? Location or weather? Ability to graduate in 4 years? Distance from home? There are a million questions you can ask yourself, so it will make your experience at a college fair more useful if you think about at least some of these questions prior to stepping foot in the fair.

On the other hand, you may not have figured out exactly what you’re looking for in a college. It’s ok to not ask questions, too. If you’re still in the initial stages of thinking about college, feel free to stop by and grab a brochure. I promise we won’t be offended.

Admission counselors are excellent at figuring out what we call the question behind the question. For example, asking a question about the cost of tuition likely also means you would like information about scholarship availability and the financial aid process. If you do have specific questions, all that we expect is that you listen to the response. There can be more helpful information beyond hearing simple facts and figures, such as average class size or student to faculty ratio.

One specific tip that might be helpful is that there are usually a number of colleges and universities at college fairs, and they will all have an inquiry card for you to fill out to get more information about the school. In order to save time, bring pre-printed labels with your contact information, high school, graduation year, etc. to make the process of writing down this information a bit easier.

No matter where you are in your college search process, college fairs are a great way to get information about many different types of colleges and universities. Go in with an open mind- you just might be surprised at what you learn.