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May 19, 2016

Dear Admitted Transfer Students…

Transfer next steps









Many transfer students are beginning to hear from us with decisions. If you haven’t already, don’t panic. We will contact everyone by June 1st with either a request for spring grades or a decision. Which basically means more waiting…sorry. For those of you have already been admitted, or are wondering what the next steps will be if you are admitted, this blog’s for you.

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April 27, 2016

GUEST BLOG: Cardinal, Gold, and Rainbow: LGBT Life at USC

HLavender Lounge 1owdy! My name is Michael Gorse, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I currently work as the graduate program manager at the LGBT Resource Center at USC, where we provide support services and programming/event opportunities for all LGBT and ally students. We work to create a more welcoming campus climate for all minorities and work closely with the three other cultural centers (Asian Pacific American Student Services (APASS), the Center for Black Cultural and Student Affairs (CBCSA), and El Centro Chicano) to provide safe spaces for students to be themselves.

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April 22, 2016

Mythbuster: I’ve been admitted to spring, so I’m waitlisted

Every year, USC admits students to the spring semester, expecting to enroll about 300-500 of those students. Many people assume spring admission is our waitlist. And while we may be able to move some of the students to the fall semester, spring admission is not a waitlist. Spring admission is an admission offer to USC.

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November 13, 2014

No Shortcuts: Cuz ur not talkin to ur bff

IMG_1427Submitting a college application is a big step. I remember sitting at my computer reading the preview of my application over and over. And over and over again. I’m not kidding – I probably read it over 50 times to make sure everything looked ok.

I didn’t have a lot of direction in this processes. I didn’t have a college guidance counselor, and I was the first in my family to attend a four-year college. But I knew that I wanted to put my best foot forward and present myself in the most positive way possible. I made sure to highlight my greatest achievements and my strongest extracurricular activities. And in my essays I was sure to emphasize my interest in each institution. I was thoughtful about why each college or university was on my list, so that made it easier to communicate to those institutions as to why I wanted to attend each school.

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August 14, 2014

Must-haves for Move-in

It is almost here. That thing you’ve been waiting for. Planning for years. It is finally here. move-in blogCollege! Move-in day is just around the corner, so you better start prepping now. For most of you, this will be your first time away from home, so there are items that you’ll need to pack that you haven’t had to think about. It is also important to remember that you’re moving into a small space. You don’t need to pack your entire life for college. There are a lot of items that you won’t need. College can be busy and hectic enough, so keep your belongings light and your dorm neat will keep you a happier, healthier student. Here are some of my favorites from my time in college:

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July 31, 2014

Important Financial Aid Information for Admitted Students

Completed Orientation? Check. Registered for your first semester of classes? Check. Paid the first semester’s student account bill? Ummm…
This month, students and families will receive their first bills from the university, so we’d like to share some tips and advice for managing your costs and making use of the resources the university has to offer.

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May 13, 2014

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello (Hello, Hello)

photo     After a year and a half of (virtually) working with you, our followers, I find it bittersweet to say that this is my last blog post. Today is my last day at USC. Sharing my voice through the blog has been such a fun learning experience. I was able to discover a passion for web development and user design/experience, and I am excited to say that I will be moving on to continue working in that field!
     I am forever grateful for the time I’ve spent at USC and I can’t say enough about my personal and professional development while I’ve been here. The people who work here are GREAT at what they do; you are all in good hands. It is particularly inspiring to work every day alongside colleagues who truly care about this work. They are colleagues, but I am honored to also call them friends.

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May 9, 2014

Finish Strong & Fight On!

     Hey, high school seniors! We all know that summer is around the corner. For Southern California residents, it’s already here (at least it was for a week). You are ready to stock up on suntan lotion and your attention span is getting shorter and shorter in class. I know it can get difficult but hang on a little longer. Don’t give in!

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