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February 5, 2014

Auditioning for a Talent Program? Learn More!


          The college application process is stressful. Rigorous courses, challenging standardized tests, interviews, etc. On top of that, our creative friends who wish to pursue a B.F.A. in Theater or a performance major at Thornton also have the additional pressure of a live audition. We had the chance to speak with Sergio Ramirez of the USC School of Dramatic Arts, who answered some audition-related questions.

CW: How long is the audition?

          SR: Acting auditions are scheduled in 4 hour increments. At the start, students are welcomed via an orientation and then are broken up into three groups. One group will conduct their auditions, one in a warm-up period and one group will be participating in an interview with one of our admission counselors. The actual audition runs about 2-4 minutes. Each student will be asked to perform two contrasting monologues.

CW: How many people will be there?

          SR: Students should expect to meet our two on-site admission counselors and two faculty auditors for our auditions. Our faculty will be the only auditors in the room.

CW: Will faculty engage with me during my audition?

          SR: At the audition, students will be welcomed by the faculty when they enter the room, briefly introduce themselves and then perform their pieces. Upon completion, students will then be released. Students are always welcome to connect with faculty, when appropriate. We simply ask that each student be mindful of time and the students waiting.

CW: Is singing allowed?

          SR: We do not recommend that students perform music.

CW: Are props allowed?

          SR: Given the distraction props may present, we strongly recommend that students do not bring props.

CW: Is there a chance I will be admitted to the drama school and not USC?

          SR: No. Our admission office in the Drama School works very closely with the Office of Undergraduate Admission to come up with a class for our BFA program.

CW: If I do not get admitted to the BFA, can I be considered for the BA?

          SR: Students who do not receive a recommendation of admission for the BFA Acting program will still be considered for the BA program.

          Both BFA Theater and Thornton majors have very specific requirements; therefore, it is always best to review the online resources available to you. Please visit the USC School of Dramatic Arts to learn more about the application process for the various BFA theater programs, and Thornton’s website to gain insight on specific Thornton department requirements.

          Good luck to all of our musicians and thespians!

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