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November 17, 2015

5 Things to Double Check Before Hitting Submit.

hit submit

1. You have filled out all necessary fields on the application

This may seem like common sense, but with so many response fields to complete, it’s quite easy to accidentally skip or overlook a question. Be sure to respond to all applicable questions so that you submit a complete application.

2. No errors or typos

We understand that senior year is a busy time, but definitely leave time to proofread your application. Have a friend or family member do the same for you. An application that is riddled with errors shows that you don’t know how to write and/or don’t care enough to check your work, both of which are detrimental.

3. You actually explain why you want to attend USC, be specific

Most colleges will ask a question akin to “Why do you want to attend our institution?” Rather than being generic and stating you want a college with school spirit, in a large city, where you can study biology, do your research and mention specific programs, research opportunities, or classes that interest you.

4. Academic summary and self-reported supplemental test scores

Even though your academic history and self-reported test scores appear as optional items, it is in your benefit to complete them on the common application. Sometimes test scores or transcripts can get lost in the mail, so it helps if you self-report the information as well. This way we can continue to evaluate your file in the meantime while waiting for the official documents to arrive.

5. That you actually hit the submit button…for both common app and supplement

Every year there are students who surprisingly forget to actually hit the submit button. Also sometimes, students hit submit for the common app, but forget to submit the USC Supplement. It may be the easiest part of the application, but make sure you don’t forget that last step.

*Deadlines are important so please be aware that you must submit by December 1st to be considered for merit scholarship. With that being said, we know some things are out of your control such as letters of recommendation and official transcripts. That is another reason it is important to fill out your academic summary, as we can evaluate that in the meantime as we wait for official documents to arrive. Strive to have all documents in by December 1st, but we understand if some of those supplemental documents come in a little after the deadline.


  1. Felipe says:

    So, can I send in my application for the December 1st deadline, but send in my transcripts after it and still be considered for merit scholarships?
    And can my transcripts contain only my 9th – 12th grades?

    • Sam Schreiber says:

      Hi Felipe,

      Your transcripts should come in as close to Dec 1 as possible and grades from 9-12 is what we need. Thanks for reading!

  2. Julia Sung says:

    Hello. I am planning to turn in my application in time for the December 1st deadline. Does the counselor letter of recommendation count for the required recommendation or is another teacher’s letter also needed? If so, can additional letter of reccomendation be submitted at a later time? Thank you.

  3. Stan Kincaid says:

    Hi Julia-
    I submitted my application last night around 10:30 Pacific Time. My confirmation states submission 12/2/2015 Eastern Time. Will I still be considered for possible scholarships?

  4. Lisa Caissie says:

    Hello, am I understanding this correctly, if I didn’t submit my application by December 1st I’m not eligible for scholarship consideration?

    • Bryan Hudson says:

      Hi Lisa,
      That is correct, December 1st was our merit scholarship deadline. You can still apply for financial aid and if you come to USC there are other scholarships you could apply for as a continuing student.

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