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December 3, 2015

5 Most Common Questions for High School Seniors over the Holidays

holidaypartyIt’s the most happiest time of the year, right? The holidays are great for catching up with friends and family and eating until you physically can’t anymore. As a high school senior you should also prepare for the barrage of questions you will probably face about your future college plans. Don’t let these questions catch you by surprise. Keep reading to find out the types of questions friends and families love to ask over the holidays.


1. How are those college applications coming along? Are you all done?

Hopefully, your answer is a relieved yes! I always recommend that students finish their apps before the holidays so that they can actually enjoy their break. But don’t fret if you’re not done just yet. The most important thing is that you turn them in before the deadline.

2. What colleges are you applying to? Why aren’t you applying to xyz school?

School pride is a great thing, but don’t ever let someone pressure you into applying to a college just because they went there (even Uncle Tim). Colleges come in all sizes and locations, and one size definitely does not fit all. Do your research, and stick to a list that makes sense for you.

3. What are you going to study?

The short answer is you don’t know yet. Even if you’ve been admitted already the odds are fairly likely that you will change your mind, maybe even before starting college. Like the previous question, friends and relatives love to weigh in when it comes to what you should do with your life. While advice can be great, be sure to find the best fit for you.

4. What are you going to do with that degree?

Keeping with the theme that friends and family always thinking they know best, you should never let someone make you feel bad about what you would like to pursue. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to have a have a plan and set goals, but you will probably be more successful if you pursue something you actually enjoy.

5. Did you hear so and so got in early to…?

This is 2015. With social media, everyone typically knows each other’s college decisions minutes after their peers are notified. Don’t let college decisions get under your skin or cause a riff between your friends. Classmates will inevitably brag or gloat, but don’t let it cause you to lose your cool.


  1. Joi Wade says:

    Are only the students being considered for merit scholarships hear back from USC in February? Or does everyone that applied by December 1st receive a notification on whether or not they are being considered?

    • Bryan Hudson says:

      Hi Joi,
      Everyone who applied by December 1st will hear one of two things by late January. Either that they have been admitted and invited to come to campus to interview for a merit scholarship, or that they are no longer in the running for a merit scholarship, in which case they will hear their final decision by April 1st.

  2. Joe N. says:

    Is the CSS profile used to determine who gets a merit scholarship? or does the FASA and Financial Aid application
    to USC are the main indicators?

    My daughter submitted the CSS profile and her admission application before Dec. 1st, she is applying to the Cinematic Arts School, and wondered if the George Lucas Family Foundation scholarships are considered before filing the FAFSA.

    Thank you

    • Bryan Hudson says:

      Hi Joe,
      Thanks for reading the blog. The only information we use for determining merit scholars is the application itself. We are a need blind institution, meaning that we do not take into consideration a family’s ability to afford the full tuition when it comes to who is admitted. The CSS Profile and FASFA are used to determine the family’s contribution and your financial aid package. The details of the George Lucas Family Foundation scholarship are still be confirmed, but your daughter will be considered for everything she is eligible to receive. For further questions about Financial Aid, feel free to contact their office at 213-740-4444.

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