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May 22, 2014

Not-So-Lazy Summer Days

KWIL Great wallIt has been sizzling hot on campus, which can only mean one thing: summer is here! As a high school student, you have so many opportunities in the summer, not to mention three months without school! I spoke with a few colleagues around the office to see how they filled their favorite summers. Here is what they had to say:

University Summer Programs
Many colleges and universities offer summer programs for high school students to experience what it is like to take college courses from university professors. It provides students with a taste of what college life is like. John Marfield participated in one of these programs and said, “I was really eager to experience life on a college campus before my senior year, and I decided to attend a program out-of-state to see if I would be ok living far from home. I took a series of Business and Leadership courses with other high school students across the country, some of whom I’m still very close to almost 15 years later! I developed a great deal of confidence that summer and felt ready to tackle my undergraduate experience the following year.”

Summer JobERIC lifeguard
For some students, earning a little bit of money is a great way to spend the summer vacation. It is also a great way to learn responsibility and commitment. Our very own Eric Gebert worked as a lifeguard during his summers, and in addition to getting a few sunburns, he was able to save his money to use as spending money during his time as a student at USC.

Summer Camps
Summer camps are a nice way to meet people and to explore different sports, leadership development, and involvement in various causes. Participating in camps helps students to cultivate leadership skills, artistic talents, athletic abilities, and social awareness. Bryan Hudson, from our office, led many tennis camps, and Jessica Frey participated in the California Association of Student Councils as both a participant and a counselor.

I hate to say this, but you won’t have summer forever, so capitalizing on that time off to travel is a great way to spend your summer. Kendall Williams spent many summers traveling abroad and visited places like England, Ireland, Capetown, and traveled all over China. She states, “I loved my international travel, but nothing could beat the Swedish Days carnival in the town next to mine! Or good old 4th of July on the Fox River! #midwestvibes.”

Internships are another great way to spend your summer. They give students practical experience and often provide students with information regarding a profession that that interests (or may not!) them. Our admission counselor, Tyler Rose Veguez interned for a casting company in the summer before her senior year. She worked with professionals who cast The Lord of the Rings and witnessed the casting of The Lovely Bones. She loved the experience and it confirmed that she wanted to study film at USC.

There are so many options for summer experiences. I am here to tell you that you won’t have free time like that forever, so make sure that whatever you pursue is something you enjoy! You’ll want to look back on your summers with great memories of your teenage years!