Top 5 Things to Do After Applying to USC

  • Set up your USC portal

Soon after you apply, you’ll get an email confirming that you submitted your application. The subject line will read “USC Admission Has Received Your Application.” Please open this email! It has the PIN you’ll need to set up your USC portal. From there you can do important things like check on the status of your materials and, eventually, see your admission decision.

  • Be patient as we process your materials

If you submitted your Common App by the deadline, your application is considered on time, even if materials like transcripts, recommendation letters, or test scores arrive a little later. We receive thousands of documents that we need to process.  This includes transcripts, letters of recommendations, and test scores.  It takes us about two to three weeks to process documents during our busy season, so please give us some time.  We will update your USC portal as we go, so you can check there to see if your documents have been received. Please make sure your documents have identifying information (i.e., full name, birth date, reference ID, etc.)

  • Sign the Applicant Information and Notice of Potential Audit

Your application will not be complete until you sign this form, which can be accessed through your portal. The notification that it is ready to be signed will come a couple of days after you submit your application.

  • Double check that you submitted the USC Supplement

Don’t forget to submit both the Common Application and the USC Supplement.  The USC Supplement is the portion of the application that is USC specific, so though it’s on the Common App, you access it under the “My Colleges” tab.  Make sure to press submit so we have your completed application by the correct deadline.

  • Send your test scores

Make sure you send us your test scores through either ACT or the College Board.  Please keep in mind that it takes about four to six weeks from the date you take the test (or two to three weeks after you send your scores) until we receive and process the them. Once the scores are processed, they become part of your application.  We don’t recommend rushing your scores to us.  You can always upload an unofficial copy of your scores to your USC portal that we can use until we receive your official score report.

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to Do After Applying to USC”

  1. Hey, I have submitted a application to your school, but I want to drop computer engineering off my majors. However, I have already submitted a application and it won’t let me change it. What can I do?

    Thank you, Lavontay.

    1. Hi Lavontay! You can email your admission counselor and tell them what you want your first and second choice majors to be.

  2. Hi!
    Hope all is well…
    I was wondering if it’s worth emailing my local USC admissions counselor that it is my first choice because if there was a binding contract, I would solely give up every option for USC. I am just so nervous right now because I finished all these 5 steps, and I put my pure heart into my application, especially in my WHY USC supplement… but sometimes that’s not enough… So is there any other step I can take?

    It’s hard because demonstrated interest does not count, and I just want to let the school know somehow, that it is my top and pretty much only choice… ( I did in my essay, but I still feel like asdfghjkl)

    I totally get if it’s not the best idea because I understand that these emails are also annoying to admissions , and it could also seem like I’m just trying to get attention/ more validation— which is why I am asking on here if I should even take the risk and do it? Ahhhhh.

    Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this.

    1. Hi, Claire! There’s no wrong answer here. While we do not track demonstrated interest, we do consider demonstrated fit. If you feel your essays do that, great! If you feel like there are things you left unsaid, you are welcome to email your counselor. Showing enthusiasm is never held against a student.

  3. Hi – I could not find any contact info about the Trojan Transfer Program. Any info or help about Trojan Transfer Plan for universities in Singapore would be much appreciated. Eg website, contacts, etc. My son was offered to join Trojan Transfer Program and interested in Singapore, if available.


    1. Hi, Narcisco! Students who received an offer of transfer counseling will receive more information later this spring.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Our deadline was a few months ago and, due to our application review timeline, we are not able to re-open the application. We are, however, happy to help anyone interested in transferring in the future!

    1. Hi, Timothy! We won’t begin downloading applications from the Common App until September. Once we do that, you will receive access to an applicant portal. For now, your confirmation from Common App will be your proof of submission.

      1. Hello, Mr./Ms. Baker-Brousseau
        I checked that USC had already downloaded my application from Common App two weeks ago. But I have not receive any confirmations or portal. What should I do?

        1. Hi, Timothy! Common App has downloaded your app but we have not yet downloaded them into our system. Rest assured: you will receive information on a portal once we put the applications in our system.

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