Counting Down to January 15th

You’re almost there! Just five more days for you to submit your application to USC!

Whether you’re currently tangled up in one of our short answer essays or are zenfully waiting for last minute inspiration/panic to arrive, we figured you could do with a little motivation! In honor of the last five days before our freshman application deadline, here are five reasons to apply to USC…

5. The Joint Educational Project

A common refrain in any classroom is, “When am I going to use this in real life?” USC’s Joint Educational Project (JEP) answers that question and does you one better. You can actually earn course credit for taking the lessons you learn in the classroom and using them to fulfill community needs. It is service learning at its best and an amazing way to see the relevance of your education while building bonds and working with our neighbors.

4. An On- Campus Trader Joe’s

Need to stock up on some fuel before that all nighter? The Fearless Flyer’s got rows of hummus, Joe-Joe’s, and mochi to keep you going. All you have to is pop on over (or down) to the USC Village to ensure all of your snack needs are covered.

3. Visions & Voices Programming

This arts and humanities initiative gives students and community members the opportunity to engage with the people who inspire them. Whether you’re attending an interview with John Cho, a conversation with Roxane Gay, or an immersive theater-game led by Robert Karimi, you have the chance to more intimately appreciate the art you love and even be introduced to some surprising new favorites!

2.  Lighting the Olympic Torch

USC is well known for its contributions to college sports, and we are equally proud of the Trojans who have gone on to compete in the Olympics. While we eagerly await the 2028 summer games (I am totally going to list my office as a room on Air BnB), we get to enjoy a little Olympic glory every time we have a home game at the Coliseum.  At the end of the third quarter, the Olympic Torch in the Coliseum is once again ignited as Tommy Trojan charges down the field on Traveler.

1. Possible Celebrity Sightings

It wouldn’t be LA without a little silver screen glamour! USC’s campus may be one of the best places to spot celebrities. With shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and How to Get Away with Murder regularly being filmed amidst our buildings, your chances of running into the Hollywood crowd (and accidentally becoming an extra) are high.


Whatever gets you excited about being a Trojan, tap into that energy to get you across the January 15th finish line.  Good luck!

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  1. Sorry if this comment is wasting time because I submitted my application early but these reasons are awesome especially Trader Joe’s. I love TJ’s and I’m glad it made the unofficial top 5.

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