Trojan Trivia: Fun Facts about USC

This week we are re-posting a blog from USC’s Rossier School of Education.  Check out some fun facts from USC’s past.


George Tirebiter, USC’s student body mascot from 1947-1949.

Did you know USC physics Professor Willard Geer brought color TV to the world by inventing the Geer color tube in the 1950s or that the first USC valedictorian was a woman, Minnie C. Miltimore, for the class of 1884?

Here are more fun facts about USC:

  • 1888 USC played its first football game and beat the opponent 16–0.
The first USC football squad is formed in 1888.
  • USC English Professor Frank C. Baxter created “Shakespeare on TV,” the first USC course taught on TV for credit, which earned Baxter two Emmy awards.
  • The first time a white steed showed up at a Trojan football game was in 1954, the same year the first USC Songfest took place at the Greek Theater.
  • In 1979 Fleetwood Mac invited the USC Marching Band to perform “Tusk” on their 12th album, which was the band’s first platinum album.
  • John Wayne has an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts ’68 and played offensive tackle at USC before dropping out to become a movie star.
  • The Trojan Marching Band is the only collegiate marching band in the U.S. that has earned a platinum record — two actually.
1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles
  • USC has produced more Olympians, Olympic medalists and Olympic gold medalists than any other U.S. university.
  • At least one USC Trojan has played in all but five Super Bowls.
  • There have been 35 “perfect days” — when USC wins and Notre Dame and UCLA both lose.

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