Starting USC in the Spring

Hi there! My name is Delaney Brower and I am a sophomore from Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Currently, I am undeclared, yet I am minoring in Spanish. As a spring admit, I started at USC during the spring of 2017.

“I got into USC… but I’m a Spring Admit,” I told my parents on the phone. The day I arrived home from a class trip over spring break was the day I found out I was admitted to USC. I was overwhelmed with happiness, as tears of joy ran down my face. However, when I read “Admitted for the Spring of 2017,” my emotions shifted. Confusion. Frustration. Defeat. “What did I do to get admitted into the spring semester?” Heck, I didn’t even know that USC admitted students for the spring! The happy tears turned into tears of frustration. “That doesn’t matter! You got in. That’s the most important part,” my dad replied. My dad was right. It didn’t matter what semester I would start; I was admitted into one of the top academic schools in the nation, and for that I should be proud of myself. Before my campus tour, I’d never walked away from a campus hoping that I’d be back soon like I did leaving USC. I set aside spring admission and really thought, “Is this where I want to go?”. The answer, while my experience would be untraditional, was yes.

For the fall, I moved out to Southern California and live with my grandmother in Brentwood. I took classes at Santa Monica College, all which transferred under the articulation agreement between USC and SMC. On the weekends, I attended USC football games and explored Los Angeles with my future roommate (and now best friend!). Coming from a small town, getting acclimated to LA was very important to me.

My transition into the spring semester was no cake walk, as it isn’t for everyone starting their first semester of college. No matter how much you ‘prepare’ yourself for college, you never will be fully prepared. It took me a while to find my place at USC, and I learned immediately that I couldn’t accomplish anything overnight. Transitioning takes time, but USC provided many resources that added to my experience. I joined two clubs, attended sporting events, and met some of my best friends.

College provides a platform for personal growth and exploration. I am a stronger, more self-aware person today than I was at the beginning of my spring semester. Spring admission is a unique program, and will not mirror the typical freshman experience; however, it provides a special opportunity for personal growth and exploration as you embark on your college career. No matter how much you feel like you’re sticking out as a Spring Admit, you are not! You’ve been accepted to USC, and are a USC student. That’s all that should matter, and all that does.

Before I sign off, I want to share three pieces of advice that I wish I had been given going into my first semester at USC. First, give yourself time to adjust. Transitioning is not flawless and won’t be instantaneous; give yourself some time to acclimate. Second, take advantage of where you are. USC is one of the greatest universities in the nation, with world-renowned professors and fantastic resources; use them to your benefit! Lastly, fail with a purpose. You won’t be successful in everything you do at USC, and for that matter, in life. Take these failures, find their purpose, learn from them, and rise up. You will never learn unless you fail.

Get ready for an incredible four years; they really do fly by! Welcome to the Trojan Family, and Fight On!

BY: Delaney Brower, Class of 2020

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