Next Steps for Spring Admits

If you were admitted to USC for the spring semester, congratulations! You are among a select group of students offered admission to the University of Southern California. We recognize, though, that you may have some questions about the next steps in enrolling.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Committing to USC

The deadline to submit your Intent to Enroll through is May 1. You must submit this in order to commit to USC. Additionally, if there are any fall openings, students will be considered for those spaces based on whether they have submitted their Intent to Enroll.

These decisions will be made in mid-May, and are based entirely on the institutional needs of the university. You should not submit any additional information, letters, or emails about your desire to move to the fall semester – once you submit the Intent to Enroll, you’re set.

Lastly, to finalize their commitment, spring admits are required to submit their Commitment Deposit by August 1.

Considering your options for the fall

Your admission to USC is secure for the spring term, so the decision of how you will spend the fall is up to you! You could enroll in community college to stay on track to graduate within four years, or even study abroad. USC has established partnerships with four American universities in Europe: American University of Paris; Richmond, The American International University in London; Franklin University Switzerland; and John Cabot University in Rome. Spring admits are welcome to apply to these institutions for the fall semester.

By attending one of these universities, spring admits will stay connected as a USC-bound cohort, making it easy to build a network of friends upon arriving in Los Angeles. Spring admits could also take time off to work, explore new cultures or participate in a service learning opportunity. The options listed here will help guide you.

Applying for financial aid

To apply for financial aid, students need to complete the 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at, along with the CSS Profile Application, which can be accessed at If interested, spring admits should apply for financial aid as soon as possible. Please visit for more information about the application process.

Applying for USC Housing

We offer all spring admits a space in USC Housing. We encourage you to submit your application for housing as soon as possible at The deadline is July 2. Spring admits are often grouped together within USC Housing, or they may fill a space in an apartment after a USC student has left to study abroad or graduate early.

Submitting transcripts and exam results

A common question from spring admits is whether they’re able to graduate within four years. The answer is typically yes. By taking appropriate coursework in the fall, spring admits remain on track to graduate. And, if they can submit AP exam scores for credit, their graduation could arrive even sooner! But, we need to receive those official scores, along with your transcripts. Spring admits need to submit their final high school transcript (listing their high school graduation date), along with any AP, IB, or A-Level exam results by July 1.

Attending Orientation

Orientation is an important part of transitioning to USC, and we have special Orientation programs specifically for students beginning in the spring semester. At Orientation, you will be able to register for your first semester of classes and meet other students. Once you have submitted your Commitment Deposit for the spring semester, you will receive an invitation to register for Orientation. You can visit for event information or to reserve your space.

If you have any remaining questions about spring admission, I’d encourage you to check out these Frequently Asked Questions. Or, if you’d like to chat with a current USC student who was once in your position, consider reaching out to one of the Spring Admit Ambassadors.

Fight on!

8 thoughts on “Next Steps for Spring Admits”

  1. My Doughter is a spring admit. We heard that some spring students got the housing results. We did not get it yet. I know that spring admit freshman are granteed to be in dorm. Also they have to be in dorm to apply to dorm next year. Please let me know when I will know if she gets a dorm and if not what should we do this spring and next year. Thanks

  2. My daughter was accepted for spring 2020 admission on July 13th. This date is after the July 2 housing deadline cited above. Now what does she do about securing housing for next January 2020?

    1. Hi, Patricia! Congratulations to your daughter! This article was meant for students who were admitted to the spring as freshman, not as transfer students. We will definitely work to clarify that! The housing application portal for transfer students admitted to the spring opened on July 1st, so your daughter should go ahead and apply for housing ASAP!

  3. Hi, I already got my housing for spring 2020 as a spring admit but being that I’m from the east coast I would like to know if there is a checklist of items I need to have. It would be nearly impossible for me to go home and retrieve any missing documents.

    1. HI, Naomi! Orientation should have provided you all the information about what was necessary to bring. If you have concerns, please follow up with them.

  4. Hi! I’m a 2021 Spring Admit and I was wondering that if you have the opportunity to be moved into fall admission, whether you can decline it or not? Essentially if are selected to be moved to fall admission do you have a choice to stay as a spring admit?

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