How to Transfer to USC

Transfer students are important to USC, and the Office of Admission is here to help you navigate the application process. This guide will provide a breakdown of how to present a strong transfer application to USC. We’re sharing this information with you now, at the onset of the academic year, so that any prospective transfer student can develop a course plan and prepare themselves to apply to USC for the fall of 2018.

But, first, it’s important to acknowledge that transferring to USC is very different from the first-year application process. While our evaluation of first-year applications centers on gauging the extent to which high school students will be successful in college, strong transfer applicants have already demonstrated this ability. Therefore, the evaluation of a student’s transfer application is based primarily on their academic performance. However, the non-academic components of a transfer application – especially the supplemental auditions or portfolios required by some majors – can also play a significant role, so make sure not to overlook those!

To present a strong transfer application to USC, you should focus on these three areas.

1. Maintaining full-time enrollment

Unlike some other institutions, USC accepts transfer applications from students in their first year of college. Many students transfer to USC as sophomores after demonstrating strong academic preparation during their freshman year. A significant aspect of demonstrating preparation for USC, where nearly all students are restricted from part-time enrollment, is showing that you can handle full-time college coursework over a full academic year.

For students attending semester calendar schools, this means the completion of around 30 transferable semester units between the fall and spring terms. For students at quarter schools, full-time status requires completion of roughly 45 transferable quarter units across the three terms that make up the academic year: fall, winter, and spring. A rule of thumb is that, in most cases, you should be completing four courses per term (excluding summer).

There are exceptions, though. We understand that some students are unable to maintain consistent full-time enrollment due to obligations at work or home. These students should explain their part-time status (along with any other necessary context, such as gaps in enrollment) somewhere within their application. As with any question related to your application, if you aren’t sure about your enrollment status, you should reach out to your admission counselor for clarification.

2. Taking the right courses

There are a few resources that you should utilize in selecting your courses.

Articulation agreement: a document that lists the courses that are transferable to USC from California’s community colleges and specifies certain requirements those courses can fulfill.

Articulation history: an unofficial breakdown of courses that have previously transferred from four-year institutions and out-of-state community colleges to USC; there is no guarantee the courses listed as transferable will continue to be in the future, and if an institution hasn’t had many students transfer to USC, its articulation history likely won’t be very comprehensive; however, this document can still be a very useful resource.

Transferring to USC brochure: a detailed overview of the process of transferring to USC, particularly useful for its list of recommended and required courses by major on pages 12-15 and its explanation of USC’s transfer credit policies on page 16.

Transfer Planning Guide: a tool that provides students attending California community colleges or a select few four-year institutions with a transfer course plan.

Here’s what your course priorities should be (in order of importance):

  1. Math and lower-division Writing requirements
  2. Courses required or recommended for your major
  3. General Education and foreign language coursework
  4. Transferable courses that would earn elective credit

Math and lower-division Writing requirements

All students interested in transferring to USC should ensure they are, first and foremost, meeting our minimum admission requirements. We have two: lower-division Writing and Intermediate Algebra, both of which must be completed with a grade of C or higher. You must satisfy both of these requirements by the conclusion of the spring in which you apply in order to receive transfer consideration.

You should refer to your institution’s articulation agreement or history to see which English or Writing course can satisfy our requirement (see below). It’s possible you will have multiple options to choose from; you only need to complete one of the listed courses. If you attend a four-year institution or out-of-state community college that does not offer a course equivalent to USC’s lower-division Writing course, this requirement will be waived for admission purposes.

Our math requirement can be satisfied through completion of Intermediate Algebra in college (or any higher level college math course, such as Pre-calculus). However, students can also meet this requirement through their high school math courses. If you earned a C or better in each term of Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, then you are not required to take additional math before transferring, unless it is specifically required for your major.

Courses for your major

After ensuring you’ve met our minimum admission requirements, your next priority should be completing courses recommended or required for your major. The Transferring to USC brochure lists these courses.

You should use this information in conjunction with your institution’s articulation agreement or history. For example, while most transfer applicants do not have an additional math requirement, the Marshall School of Business states in the brochure that transfer applicants are required to complete either Math 118 or Math 125 (Business Calculus and Calculus I, respectively). By referencing the course-to-course equivalencies section of their articulation agreement or history (see below), a Business Administration applicant may find there are courses at their institution that are granted equivalency to USC’s calculus courses.

This cross-referencing should be done for all courses recommended or required for your major. If your institution does not offer an equivalent course, you should take the course that most closely aligns with the recommendation or requirement described in the brochure.

General Education courses, foreign language, and electives

After ensuring you have met our minimum admission requirements and completed the right courses for your intended major, you should prioritize the completion of additional courses that would provide progress toward your eventual graduation at USC. For most students, this means first taking courses that can be applied to USC’s General Education requirements. We want our students to graduate on time, and transfer applicants can stay on track by mirroring the academic experience of a USC student as closely as possible before transferring. Taking GE-applicable courses is a great way to accomplish that!

If you attend a California community college, your articulation agreement will provide a clear list of the various courses available at your school that can be applied to a GE category at USC (just make sure you’re looking at the right GE requirements, as students who began college prior to fall 2015 have a link at the top of the document to view their GE courses).

If you don’t attend a college with an articulation agreement or comprehensive articulation history, it’s a bit trickier for you to determine which courses to take for GE credit. The Transferring to USC brochure lists examples of acceptable courses by name for USC’s GE categories (see below); so, if you’re able to complete a course that mirrors one listed as acceptable in the brochure, there’s a good chance you would receive GE credit, if admitted to USC. Generally, though, applicants from four-year institutions are encouraged to follow the guidance of their academic advisor at their current institution, while simultaneously doing their best to make progress on USC’s GEs.

Foreign language courses can also provide degree progress and help a transfer applicant stay on track to graduate on time. If you’ve completed all the available courses at your institution to meet our requirements and the recommended courses for your major, you should make sure your remaining courses are transferable for elective credit – check your articulation document and the Transferring to USC brochure for further detail on our transfer credit policies.

3. Earning strong grades

Our average admitted transfer student’s cumulative GPA is a 3.7, which means that, to present a competitive application, you should be earning mostly A’s (and avoiding any grades lower than a B). However, we do not have a minimum GPA requirement, and every year many transfer students with a positive grade trend are admitted to USC who fall under that 3.7 average. Finally, make sure to avoid course withdrawals resulting in W’s and pass/no pass grades; you should always take a course for a letter grade if that is an option.

I hope this guide has been helpful. For further guidance, you should check out this Transfer FAQ and reach out to your admission counselor – we’re happy to discuss your situation in depth and help you develop a plan to transfer to USC. Good luck!

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  1. Hi, I am currently enrolled full-time for my CC and plan on attending USC during the fall of 2021. I understand that USC has a strong focus academically however I was wondering how much do they emphasis on a skill or impact outside of school. I know Stanford requires you to be an upholding citizen that is making a big change in their community etc. Is this the same case for USC? I hope to attend Marshall School of business and I am working on getting my Real Estate license to learn that field. I am also apart of the student body at my CC and I work in my CC bookstore and tutor. My main concern is how much does USC want to see what kind of individual are you and the impact you have made. As both Stanford and UC Berkeley emphasize. Also as part of the process do you interview each applicant?

    1. Hi, Victor! We do take that into consideration, but strong involvement will not make up for lackluster academic performance. That is going to be the most important part of the transfer application.
      We do not offer interviews, but if there is information you do not feel you can get into your application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know.

  2. Hi there,

    I’m inquiring about the math requirement. It says intermediate algebra or any higher level college math course. I have completed MATH114 – would that be considered a higher level course and therefore mean I don’t have to take intermediate algebra?

    Thank you!

    1. Correct, Laura! If you took a stats course equivalent to our Math 114, it counts as meeting the basic math requirement.

  3. Do you prefer transfer students coming from a CC or other four year universities? It appears more transfers to USC come from CC’s, but is that more a function of the percentage of applicants coming from CC’s is higher?

    1. Hi, Doug! We do have more students applying from CCs than from four year colleges, so that is the main reason for that. The other is that CC courses are designed to transfer, so CC students have usually been able to make more progress toward a USC degree than students at a 4-year who have to meet their current college’s requirements. If you have any questions about taking courses that will prepare you to transfer, you should reach out to your USC admission counselor!

  4. I’m a first-year undergraduate student from the University of Hong Kong, and interested in transferring to USC.

    1. It is stated on the USC website that one year of full-time academic coursework is required, but at this stage, I only have my first semester’s report but not a full-year report. Is it acceptable for me to apply now?
    2. As the credit system and GPA system used by USC and HKU could be different, how is that converted? I have 30 credits this semester and will have 30 credits next semester (HKU credit system). Is it considered to be enough for “30 transferable semester unit” as stated on the USC website?
    3. If I get rejected by USC this time, is it still possible for me to apply again next year?
    4. I did the IB programme in high school and didn’t take the SAT test. Do I need to take one just in case the credits are not enough after converting to the USC standard? Or my high school transcript plus my IB result will be enough?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi, Luciana! You should go ahead and apply. We know that students in their first year will only have one semester done. As long as you’re still enrolled full time in the spring, you will be a competitive applicant for admission (we account for the different credit systems). It is possible to apply again next year if things don’t go as hoped this year. You do not need to take the SAT, but it is likely that we will ask to see your spring semester grades before making a final admission decision.

  5. Hello! I am currently a 2nd year student at UC Davis looking to transfer to Marshall at USC next year as a 3rd year. I was wondering if there is any advice you could possibly have for students attempting to transfer from a 4-year university – what stands out the most on an application? Is your GPA expected to be as high as those applying from community college? Finally, can transfer students request to have an interview at USC as can first year applicants?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    1. Hi, Navid! We expect to see strong grades (still in that 3.7 average GPA range) and coursework that makes progress toward a USC degree. We especially want to understand why you are looking to transfer. We do not offer interviews to either first year or transfer applicants at this point, so please make sure your application includes any information you feel we need to know!

  6. Hello! I am applying to transfer to USC in my sophomore year. I’m a first-year student at Santa Clara University. I have two questions in mind at the moment. Firstly, I’m on the quarter system and the decision date is before I finish my spring quarter. Will that still be accounted for? Additionally, I have one bad grade which is a C in Biology, but my major is film. However, I still have two more quarters before my freshman year ends? If I show significant improvements in both quarters, how much will the C affect me in the application process?

    1. Hi, Jensen! In some cases, we can make a decision based on just the fall and winter quarters, so students get a decision by the end of May. In others, we need to see the spring grades, so we reach out for them. In that case, a decision will be made by mid-July. We look at upward trajectory, so if you can increase your GPA moving forward, we will not be so concerned about previous grades.

  7. Hello, I have two questions.

    I’m an international student. I know TOEFL or other equivalent English proficiency tests are required. But is this considered greatly for admission? It says you need to get more than 100 for TOEFL. If my score is less than 100, I can’t even apply as an international transfer student? Or there is no chance to get accepted for international students if it’s less than 100?

    And I have two Ws at my college but my GPA is 4. At that time when I got two Ws, I still maintained my full time student status by taking several other classes. And the dropped courses were not major-related. I’m going to consistently keep a good grade, and of course I will explain why I have two Ws through Common App. Will these Ws greatly affect the chance of getting accepted into USC?

    1. Hi, Eric! It is not an automatic deny, but we are more likely to admit students who have met those score standards. We have admitted students with less than a 100, but we saw evidence they had strong language skills and, if necessary, they had to take additional English classes at USC. I recommend retaking the exam if you feel you can earn a 100 or higher.
      If we understand your reasons for withdrawing and you were still enrolled full time, this will not be a major factor in your admission decision.

  8. Hi there, I was homeschooled or “unschooled” and my mom did not keep any transcripts. I’m currently in community college in my first semester, and hoping to transfer to usc at some point with a major in communication. I’m just wondering about a few things, for one thing the foreign language requirement. I did study some Spanish in high school but once again have no record of it. Is 2 years of foreign language required in order to transfer? For people who do have records of 2 years of foreign language in high school, do they still have to take additional foreign language at usc if they have a major that requires foreign language(like communication)? What is my best bet to be accepted as a transfer, considering I have no high school records? Also the community college I’m going to does not show up on the articulation agreements page, what does that mean? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Mika! I would ask your mother to find anything she can to prove that you completed high school. Here is information regarding various state laws: It is likely that she filed paperwork with a governing body. Perhaps she can get copies of it? You will want to exhaust all possibilities to find documentation of your high school completion. If nothing turns up, you may consider taking the GED in order to have an official document of high school equivalence.
      The only way for high school foreign language to count for our requirement is if you take the AP exam and earn a 4 or 5. Most students meet our requirement by starting their foreign language coursework at their current college and finishing it at USC.
      If you articulation agreement is incomplete, reach out to your USC admission counselor for more information:

  9. Hello, my high school I graduated from is permanently closed. So I can’t see any counselors from the school. But I’ve received my official high school transcripts from them after graduation. In this case, what should I do?

    I’m considering to mail the official transcripts to USC Office of Admission directly. And the transcripts will be intact. Is this okay?

  10. Hello, I am currently attending CC and have a GPA of 3.72. I am planning on transferring fall 2020 to Viterbi. I am taking all the required courses to transfer.
    What is the average GPA requirement for Viterbi?
    I am nervous that I might not get accepted to Viterbi. What are my chances with this GPA?

    1. Hi, Sara! We cannot give estimates on likelihood of admission because so many factors come into play, but that GPA will make you competitive.

  11. Hi,

    I received the TTP last year. I am currently a first-year attending UCI and plan on applying to transfer. Is there anywhere on the application to indicate TTP?

    1. Hi, Joshua! You do not need to indicate that you completed TTP counseling. We have record of that in our system already.

      1. Thank you for your response. I did not complete TTP counseling. All slots were filled when I went on the site for an appointment. I attempted to reach out to my assigned counselor 3 times but he did not respond. Am I still eligible for TTP?

        Thanks again!

  12. Thank you for your response. I did not complete TTP counseling. All slots were filled when I went on the site for an appointment. I attempted to reach out to my assigned counselor 3 times but he did not respond. Am I still eligible for TTP?

  13. Hi! I was wondering if USC needed my high school transcripts for me to be considered as an applicant even though I have over 60 college credits, am 25 years old and went to a high school outside of the country (Germany). I have tried reaching my admissions counselor but to no avail. I’ve already submitted my application!

    1. Hi, Lara! Yes, we still need high school transcripts from all transfer applicants. It’s ok if they come in a little bit later (we know processing can take a while).

  14. Hi! I am now a freshman and applying for USC as a transfer student. I just submitted my application on common app. Does USC accept electronic high school transcript for schools outside the US? Is it allowed that my high school counselor e-mail it to USC?

  15. Hi! I am a current freshman at Santa Monica College in hopes to transfer to USC. I just had a question regarding the GE requirements. So Santa Monica has a list of requirements to take but I know its mandatory to take 64 units in order to transfer. All GE requirements don’t add up to 64 units and know after you complete the GE requirement, you take classes corresponded to your major. Since I am a business major, what other courses can I take that will be transferrable to USC when I attend? I signed up for Business 1, 20 and 45 but then again I am not sure If they’re transferrable! Please let me know ASAP! Thanks!

    1. Hi Devyn,

      You actually do not need 64 units to transfer (that’s the maximum number you can transfer in, but students can transfer in with fewer units). You can use the articulation agreement to see what is transferable. If you have a minor in mind, you could also take classes that would satisfy those basic requirements.

  16. Hi I’m currently a high school senior and Im planning to go to Cerritos Community College first and then hopefully switch out to USC. I was wondering that if I take the Honors program that they offer will I look more competitive? My major is going to be Business Administration and I was curious what is the Admission process to get into the Marshall School of Business? Is it any different than the regular admission? Also I was wondering if you can elaborate more on if you make $80,000 or less it is free tuition.

    1. Hi, Ninel! We do not give preference to students on the honors track. The important thing is for you to take the right courses and do well! The only difference with business applicants is that we require you to meet our Math 118 or Math 125 equivalent. Otherwise, all the same recommendations and requirements apply. While transfer students are not technically eligible for that guarantee, we find that any student who comes to USC whose family makes less than that amount gets a substantial financial aid package. You can enter your family’s information here to get a good estimate of what you would get in grants, loans, work study, etc.:

  17. Hi My name
    Is Matt I’m about to finish my bachelors in criminal justice at CSUN, already graduated from Pierce college in administration of justice and criminal justice what is my chance to get a transfer to USC?

    1. Hi, Matt! It’s rare for us to admit students who are close to graduating from another school as all transfers have to study at least two more years at USC, if not more. If there is a compelling reason, however, why transferring would make sense in your case, please share that in your application so we can take it into consideration.

  18. Hi , I’m going to a community college in New Jersey. my goal is to come to USC . this is my first semester at cc , I have 17 credits currently . I will also be doing courses in the summer so that I can have 30 + credits by then with a 4.0 gpa. my question is that currently i am taking math 118 & eng 121 if I successfully get an A in both these courses this semester then do I have to take another math or english course in my second semester ? or will that be good enough ? Also another question is when is can I apply for spring semester 2021. like what is the deadline etc?and decision?

  19. Hi,

    I have a C in one of my classes but the rest are fine. Should I be discouraged to apply and will that affect me?

    1. Hi Pam,

      There are many factors here that we would consider. What class was it in? What’s your major? What is your over all trend? Was there something going on that made it difficult to earn a higher grade?
      We encourage students to apply because we cannot make a determination based on one grade–we need to see your entire app to determine whether we can offer you a spot! If you want to be a Trojan, you should go ahead and apply so you can be fully considered.

    1. Hi, Leo! Yes, we do not have a minimum GPA for admission because we know that even we’ll prepared students may face extenuating circumstances. In addition to the grades, we take into consideration how many courses a student is taking, what their grade trend is, how they perform in major related courses, etc.

  20. Hi USC Transfer Admissions,

    I have a question about the current situation of COVID-19. Will the COVID-19 have any impact on the duration of the application? Will it have any effect overall on the application?

    1. Hi, Molly! At this time, we do not anticipate that we will make any changes to our review/notification practices. If we do, we will communicate any updates.

  21. Hi! I will be attending a CSU for fall 2020, I was wondering who can I ask to guide me through which classes I need to take to try and transfer to USC as a sophomore?Will I need to ask people from my CSU or the USC admission counselors? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Maya! There are many resources online to help prepare you to transfer. If you haven’t done so already, read through this entire blog so that you understand what USC expects from transfer students. You’ll see it includes a link to a transferring brochure that out lines our GE and major requirements. It also includes a link to our articulation histories which show the classes that have transferred from other four year colleges and universities in the past. It is likely that these resources will answer all of your questions about which courses to take. If not, you can find your counselor here:

  22. Hello! I just wanted to ask if I were to transfer from a CSU to USC as a sophomore, will I have less of a chance of being admitted than transfers from a community college? Windows USC prioritize cc transfers over CSU’s? I was looking at the statistics and saw that was a huge amount of transfers from cc while only some from CSU’s. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Tammy! Because community college students have to transfer in order to receive a bachelors degree, there are more of them in our transfer pool. As long as a student has made progress in our GE and major requirements, earned strong grades, and demonstrated in their application that USC is a good fit for them, they will be competitive in our process (regardless of what school they currently attend).

  23. Hi there,

    Thank you for taking the time to read all these emails. So I’m currently a freshman at ASU with 39.25 semester transfer credits (by the end of May 2020). I was wondering if the application to transfer for Fall 2020 is still available? I noticed that not all materials are required by February 1st deadline. If not, does USC accept spring 2021 transfers or would I only be able to get in the fall semesters.

    Thank You!

    1. Hi, Kush! Our deadline has passed and we do not have a spring deadline. We encourage you to apply for next fall!

  24. Hi,

    Since some colleges have changed to a Pass or No Pass Option during the spring quarter or semester due to the COVID-19, for transfer applicants do you recommend not to do that option and send in grades if needed?

    Thank You,

    1. Hi, Jensen! Every student should do what makes the most sense in their situation. We will be as flexible as possible with P/NP grades, but will need to look at each application on a case by case basis.

  25. Hello,

    I am planning on going to a CSU my freshman year and transferring to USC my sophomore year, would I have a better chance of getting accepted just going to a CC instead? Or are the chances the same if my GPA is above average at a CSU? For example if I get a 4.0 at a CSU would I have a strong chance of admittance?

    1. Hi, Jahvonte! The important aspect for us is whether you would be able to take the courses needed to transfer. Because community colleges are built to serve transfer students, you would have greater flexibility in picking your classes. That being said, we also find many students transferring from CSU’s have taken appropriate coursework to transfer to USC and are competitive in our process. If you know you intend to transfer to USC, we generally prefer you go to a community college; however, if you want to keep your option to attend another four year open, it is fine to attend a four year college instead.

  26. Hello there! Do you know the percentage or amount of admitted transfer students that have been able to get on-campus housing? Is off-campus housing more expensive? Lastly, does on/off campus affect your financial aid package?

    1. Hi, Ally! The vast majority of transfer students live off campus (but so do many of our juniors and seniors). The price of off-campus housing is comparable to on campus housing and financial aid does consider the cost of living off campus.

  27. Hi. I have question about the math requirments. I’m currently a freshman and go to a community college and I plan on transfering,, I have taken an into to sats class but got a D, my question is if I don’t ratke the class is it possible for me to still apply to USC.

    1. Hi, Michelle! A D will not satisfy the minimum math requirement. You don’t need to take that class again in particular, but if you do not stats, intermediate algebra, college algebra, or a higher level math course and get a C or higher, you will not be eligible for admission.

  28. Hi again,

    I was just wanting to ask one more thing. So if I wanted to get a genera gist of possible financial aid I would receive at USC, is the aid calculator a good gauge for a transfer student as well? Because my FAFSA generally does not change year by year (income wise), it should be a good predictor?

    Thank you!

  29. Hello I am a current high school senior. I was/am planning at enrolling at a CC here in Chicago IL. My question is if I get at least a 3.8 gpa can I get admitted to USC Marshall? Also one of the main reasons I’m going to a CC is to save money and I was wondering if USC transfer students are eligible for the same financial aid opportunities as those admitted as freshman. Also I plan to transfer in after 1 year of CC if possible. Does that sound realistic. Finally do I have to retake the SAT?

    1. Hi Madelyn, Your GPA is certainly important, but so are a variety of factors. We do not guarantee admission, but if you follow the recommendations of this blog and our transferring brochure, you will be a competitive applicant. Transfer students are eligible most of the same financial aid opportunities (we find that our transfers are very happy with the need-based financial aid they receive). It is possible to transfer after one year and, if you enroll full time (15-16 units/semester) we do not consider your SAT.

  30. Hi! So I will be attending UC Irvine this upcoming fall, although USC is my dream school, I’ve committed to Irvine and I am considering transferring and keeping that option of switching schools open. UC systems are quarterly and USC wants at least 30 semester units, so would it be the same if I had 12 units in the fall + 12 units in the winter + 12 units in the spring = total 36 units?

      1. Another question, if I sign-up on my admissions portal page to meet with a counselor, will they be able to help me choose which classes I need to take at UC Irvine? I know that there is transfer brochure but I find that confusing so meeting in person works better for me.

  31. Hello!

    I have question…I am an older student and I have been going to community college part-time. I am aware that you do not have a part-time program. If the majority of my current work has been part-time will that impact my chances for admission?

    When I was younger I did complete an Associates degree with full-time status.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Samantha! If you haven’t already made it clear in your application, we recommend reaching out to your admission counselor to explain why you haven’t been full time recently and to let them know that you understand that USC students are expected to be full time. This context is helpful in evaluating your application.

  32. Hello, so I was wondering if signing up and meeting with my counselor would be available after May 1 or will that be cancelled due to the recent Corona virus situation? I am planning to transfer as a sophomore and I would like to meet a counselor in person so that I know which classes to take. (Transferring from a UC).

    1. Hi, Matthew! We are not sure when we will be back on campus. Please feel free to use our online resources to learn the basics of our transfer process and then reach out to your admission counselor with any clarifying questions.

  33. Hi there, so I am a senior in high school just trying to decide between Cal-State Fullerton and a junior college before hopefully transferring to USC. I was first wondering, is it possible to transfer after one semester at either one of these schools? And secondly, which route would be easier, just because I know USC and other California UC’s tend to prioritize junior colleges, or does it even make a difference? Wherever I do end up, I will be pursuing my undergraduate degree in business.

    1. Hi, Christopher! We generally recommend that students who plan to transfer attend community colleges. They better allow you to take the appropriate coursework to transfer (4-year colleges each have their own requirements which can prevent you from taking the coursework we want to see from a transfer student). However, if you are not sure that you want to transfer, it may make more sense for you to start at a 4-year college so you can finish your degree there if that’s what you ultimately decide to do.

  34. Thank you for your previous response, another question I had was if Fullerton college offers the transferrable courses I would need to transfer to USC after 1 year? If not, which other junior colleges would offer me the opportunity to transfer after 1 year? I ask this because I am under the impression that not all junior colleges offer the necessary transferrable courses to get into USC after 1 year. Please let me know if I am mistaken, in which case my choice of junior college would not matter if I am trying to transfer to USC after 1 year?

    1. Hi, Christopher! All community colleges offer courses that will prepare you to transfer after one year. We have no preference for one community college over another!

  35. Hi there, I am considering transferring to USC in the fall of 2021 from another 4-year private College in California. I am currently an Accounting major and intend to apply to transfer into the Marshal School of Business before gaining admission into Leventhal school of accounting. At my current 4 year, College Calculus 1 is not required to complete an undergraduate degree for Business administration and Accounting Majors instead Business Statistics 270 is required. Is this enough to be considered for transfer admission into USC Marshall or do you suggest I apply to transfer as an undecided major and then complete Calculus 1 at USC if I am admitted to gain admission to the USC Marshall? Let me know your thoughts?


    1. Hi Tom,
      We absolutely require calculus for business majors and you would not be able to enter USC undecided as a second year transfer. If you cannot take a Math 125 or Math 118 equivalent course at your current school, we highly recommend taking one over the summer at a community college or taking one online. We will not admit any student to Marshall who has not completed the equivalent of one of these courses.

  36. Hello,

    What should I do if the college that I go to only has about four transferrable GE courses? Should I just take as many available or just make sure I fulfil the math and English requirements?

    1. Hi, Jahvonte! You will be a more competitive applicant if you take GE courses in addition to meeting the basic requirements.

  37. Hi! I was wondering if the current Covid-19 situation will have an affect on the TTP? Also, if classes go remote for fall, will USC accept those transfer classes?

    1. Hi, James! We are taking steps to ensure flexibility with transfer students. We do not know what the future holds, but we promise not to disadvantage students due to the current situation.

  38. I am gonna attend to my local community college. I have straight A in my high school year. If I try my best to complete as much as credit in my first year at Community college, can I apply to Spring Sophomore ?

    1. Hi, Khang! Transfers can only apply for the fall term. We recommend taking 15-16 units/semester as this is what a USC student would be taking.

  39. Hello. 1. Do ttp students have an advantage over the regular students? 2. Will it be happening this year? 3. Is it only for legacy students or some non- legacy also receive it? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, Jessica! The advantage of TTP is that you get a one-on-one counseling session with a USC admission counselor. While this information is available online and anyone can contact an admission counselor with questions, the advising session is unique to this program. We will be continuing to offer TTP counseling to legacy candidates as well as some non-legacy candidates.

  40. Hello! I am a current High School student and I am attending a UC this coming fall and might transfer to usc. I have 2 questions; 1) Can I fulfill the lower division writing requirement (Writ 130) at my local community college online before my fall quarter or does it have to be at my transfer institution? 2) When I was a junior (High School), during summer, I took a stats class at my local community college, I have come to find out that the math requirement for my major at usc also requires that same class. Since I’ve already taken that class does it satisfy the requirement or do I need to take it again at my UC campus in the fall again?

    1. Hi, Blake! 1. Yes, you can take it at a community college (as long as you are taking the course after you graduate from high school). 2. Yes, it satisfies the the requirement. Make sure to send the transcript showing you took statistics and English elsewhere when you apply!

  41. Hello,

    I will be starting community college in fall of 2020, and my goal is to transfer to USC next year in 2021 in the sophomore year level. I want to major in business at the Marshall school, but when the application deadline comes, I will be under 30 units, so will I still be eligible for transfer? I will complete 30 units after spring semester/after it ends.

    I completed algebra in high school, and I will only be taking calculus classes in cc, so would it be mandatory for me to take intermediate algebra classes again in cc to meet requirements?

    Also does the ACT have to be taken during the high school years? I did not take the ACT during high school, but I plan on taking it in December this year. Will that ACT score still be accepted since I will be taking it during my college years?

    1. Hi, Rida! If you are enrolled in 15-16 units in the fall and spring, you will be very competitive in our process (even if you haven’t completed 30 units at the time of application). You do not need to take algebra again (you will meet the requirement with higher level math and your focus should be on getting a strong grade in calculus). You do not need to take the ACT if you are enrolled full time.

  42. Hi,
    Is it possible for student to be transfer as 2nd year student at USC who is currently studying at USQ (BNSG) and had already completed first year course with GPA above 4.50

    1. Hi, Daisy! Yes, you can apply to transfer next year. We accept students from a variety of institutions and at a variety of points in their college careers.

  43. Hi! I’m trying to transfer as a sophomore from CC and I was wondering if I don’t finish my foreign language requirement would USC still consider my application?

    1. Hi, Mindy! Yes, many students begin at USC without having finished their foreign language requirement. It’s good to make progress toward the 3rd level of a foreign language, but it is a graduation requirement, not an admission requirement.

      1. Hi! I’m currently attending a cc, my first semester I received a C in one of classes due working full time, my second semester I was able to know how to balance my work and school and end up receiving a higher GPA. I’m taking summer courses to help boost my GPA. My question is should I retake the class I got a C in this fall to receive a better grade?

        1. Hi, Doris! That depends on a variety of factors (what was the class, what major are you applying to, how many credits do you have, etc.). Please contact your admission counselor for more specific advice.

  44. Hi! Do USC accept students in their junior year? Because normally majority of the students in community colleges finish their first 2 years there. But I heard USC accepts transfer students in their sophomore year?

    1. Hi, Trish! We accept students at a variety of points in their college careers. Most students apply after one or two years of full time work, but that is not the case for every student. Please note, however, that students can only bring in 64 units total as a transfer.

  45. Hi there! I am going to be attending a CC this upcoming school year, as I just graduated from high school. I was wondering if I can still obtain an associates degree at USC if I end up transferring after one year in CC. In other words, I was wondering if I can still obtain an associates after having done both one year at CC and USC. Also, will the ACT and SAT be required due to the COVID-19 outbreak? Lastly, I didn’t have the greatest GPA in high school, but I was wondering if matching/exceeding the 30 credit requirement will help my chances.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi, Alex! USC does not grant Associates degrees, but if you are getting a Bachelors degree, you do not need an Associates. If you will be a full time college student in the fall and spring, we do not need to see an ACT/SAT from you. The most competitive applicants are in 15-16 units per semester, so regardless of high school GPA, this is what we recommend taking.

  46. Hello! I want to transfer to Marshall in 2021. However, I received a C in my Macroeconomics and Chemistry class. This semester, I was able to earn an A for Microeconomics. Additionally, I’ve also completed 60+ units at my community college. Will this negatively impact my application?

    1. Hi, Angelica! A major factor in your admission is your coursework and your GPA. We will consider your entire academic record along with any extenuating circumstances that may have affected your performance.

  47. Hi!

    If I don’t take the intermediate algebra course at my community college, and instead I take intro to statistics in which the articulation agreement shows that it is equivalent to math114, would this still meet the minimum requirement to have a chance of transferring to the Dornsife school for one of the science majors?

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