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July 18, 2013

“So Long, Farewell…”


It’s hard to believe that after working for nearly 3 years on the admission blog, this is my final post. Reflecting on my time as an admission counselor at USC is bittersweet. I learned a ton, I’ve grown professionally, and I was challenged day in and day out. But, more important than what I’ve accomplished or contributed in my job, I get to move on from this chapter of my life with amazing memories, hilarious stories, and best of all, some pretty incredible friends.

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July 11, 2013

Come Over, Stay A While

        At USC, we strive to provide you with tools that will give you a better understanding of what it means to be a competitive applicant. You have direct access to your territory managers, we visit your high schools and we have even constructed a blog to help you navigate everything that is USC. We have also tailored our campus presentations according to your needs. If you are coming to the Los Angeles area and visiting USC is on your agenda, we offer a few presentations to get more acquainted with our campus.
         The first presentation you should consider is the Meet USC program. If you want the most comprehensive overview of USC, this 3.5 hour program is it. The Meet USC is held twice a day every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It begins with a one hour presentation by an admission representative and it provides an introduction to USC, detailed application information, and an overview of financial aid.

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July 3, 2013

Help! How USC Provides Students With the Academic Support They Need


          Moving away to college can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. New friends, new food, new living arrangement—it definitely takes some adjusting.

          Perhaps the biggest “new” though is your academic experience. Aside from the increased autonomy that you will experience, the classes themselves will be more challenging (it is college, after all!) And, the class sizes might differ from those you had in high school. While the average class size at USC is 26 with a student to faculty ratio of 9 to 1, some courses you take will be larger.

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