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January 18, 2012

Application Trends

It’s hard to believe that the holidays were just a few short weeks ago! I was fortunate enough to spend time at home in Chicago and even saw some snow. Many of my colleagues also traveled to other parts of California or the country during this break for some well-deserved time with family and friends.

When we weren’t enjoying the holidays, however, many of us continued to read applications. After reading over 800 applications, I’ve realized that while there are trends in applications every year, they tend to change from year to year.

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January 10, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions

We are excited to be back and have lots of ideas about things to share with you this spring in the USC Admission Blog. We want to continue to give you an “insider’s look” at our people, our process, and our university. There are over 35 admission staff members currently part of our review process and right now it feels like we are spending every waking moment reading your applications. But, we are also taking the time to think about the things we’d like to do or change in our own lives in the new year and want to share some of them with you. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration as you also work on your resolutions for 2012!

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