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February 16, 2017

What’s Next for Transfer Applicants?

Congratulations, transfer applicants! You have all submitted your USC applications at this point and are likely a few weeks into your spring semester. After putting so much effort into getting your application materials together, your wheels may still be spinning a bit. Thankfully, you can pull back a little now, but here are some next steps for you to keep in mind as you settle into the spring:

  1. Check on your youSC account to make sure that everything is in. It can take us a while to process documents, but you want to keep an eye out to make sure all of your transcripts and forms have come through.
  2. Apply for financial aid. The deadline is March 2nd for both the FAFSA and CSS Profile. We need BOTH forms in order to create a financial aid package for you. Please note that the Office of Financial Aid may reach out for more information in the coming months, so check your email for any requests. (All transfer students are automatically considered for merit-based admission scholarships.)
  3. Check your email for any requests from us.  We may ask you to clarify something in your application or to send in a document.  In many cases, we cannot make a final decision until we see how your spring semester went. If we need to see your mid term or final grades, we will notify you via email by June 1st.
  4. Complete the talent portion of your application.  If you’re applying for an arts based major, you should have submitted a portfolio or audition tape. The next step may be for you to audition on campus. The department will be in touch with you, so keep an eye out for their updates.
  5. If you are an international student, make sure that you have submitted your financial statement and your scores from an English proficiency exam.

I know it’s hard to be patient (I’m writing this at 10 AM and I’ve already opened my lunch box to get at my Girl Scout cookies!), but we carefully look at each of your applications…and that takes a long time. We want to fully understand your story–how long have you been in college, how have you prepared yourself academically, why transferring to USC would be a good step for you–so we take great care in reading your materials. (I even put down the cookies so I can take good notes!)

By May 31st, you will receive either a decision or a request for spring semester grades. So keep on working hard at school, and feel free to ask us any questions in the comments section below!