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December 9, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Your Application is Incomplete

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  • You didn’t submit the USC Supplement

Don’t forget to submit both the Common Application and the USC Supplement.  The USC Supplement is the portion of the application that is USC specific.  Make sure to press submit so we have your completed application by the correct deadline.

  • USC has not received your test scores

Make sure you send us your test scores.  We should receive them by the actual application deadline.  Please keep in mind that it takes about four to six weeks from the date you take the test until we receive and process the scores.  Once the scores are processed, they become part of your application.  We don’t recommend rushing your scores to us.  You can always send us an unofficial copy of your scores that we can use until we receive your official score report.

  • We are processing you materials

We receive thousands of documents that we need to process.  This includes transcripts, letters of recommendations, and test scores.  It takes us about one to two weeks to process documents during our busy season so please give us some time.  We will update your student portal as we go, so you can check there to see if your documents have been received.

  • Your documents are missing identifying information

It’s helpful to include your USC Identification number on all the documents you submit.  I often get letters of recommendation from people who only include a student’s first and last name.  This is usually not enough information for us to find the right person, so make sure to include either your USC ID number, or your birth date on everything you send us.  Also, make sure to use the same name on all your documents.  If you go by a nickname, or a middle name, please keep it consistent.

  • Your dog ate your application

Hopefully not but it would be funny if they did! 🙂