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February 23, 2017

Alumni Perspective: The Trojan Family 2,600 Miles From Troy

Applying to USC began as a novel concept for me. Growing up in suburban Massachusetts it was highly likely that I would attend school in Boston. However, something deep inside me wanted to do something unique. I wanted to do something amazing, memorable, special and above all become part of something bigger than myself. I think that’s why I chose USC in my heart long before I did in my head.

During my 4 years at USC I was immersed in the Trojan Family. This was more than a tour guide talking point to me. This was real. I was far from home, but always felt like I was part of a family. I delved into clubs, community groups and the Trojan Knights. I studied hard and worked hard. I carried the Victory bell to football games. I lived the ideal USC experience. My Trojan passion was bordering on an obsession. USC delivered firmly on my desire for something special.

That’s why when I was offered my first job back in Massachusetts it was bittersweet. I was fortunate that I had been prepared for the real world and would be employed in my home state, but I would have to leave my new family – or so I thought.

A few months after returning to Boston I discovered there was a local Alumni club here, and I knew I had to get involved. I joined immediately and participated in game watches, SCend Off, Sporting events and community service. It took all of one year before I joined the board and started to help plan the local activities. The spark of the Trojan family was alive and well even in Boston.

The Alumni Club here provided me a unique opportunity that I did not expect. I had an instant circle of friends and network of business people. I was given great opportunities to volunteer with fellow Trojans and give back to the Boston community while showing Trojan pride. I was able to meet and talk to so many potential and newly admitted USC students that will shape the future personality of our university. I was able to grow in my leadership capacity outside of my career, and of course, I was able to have fun doing it.

The local alumni clubs are also special because they get to marry the local flair and personality of each city with the unifying spirit of USC grads. Here in Boston we make a point of attending Red Sox games and taking tours of Fenway park. We volunteer at the local food back and Children’s Hospital. We watch our football games in the most Irish of Boston sports bars. We hibernate slightly in winter only to come back extra strong in spring.

This is why I seek out the Alumni clubs in different cities. I’ve spent time with the Dallas Club, New York Club, Washington DC Club, and several of the California Clubs. I count their leaders among my friends, and I feel I have an established network just about everywhere I go. Each one is a little bit different, but all are equally passionate members of their communities.

Beyond the fun, networking, friends and service I have a uniquely personal debt to the USC Alumni Club. I met my wife – also a Trojan – at a Boston game watch. At the time I was VP of the Alumni club and running the events. The Notre Dame game is always a special one, but that one will live on forever for me. I’m not saying that the USC Alumni club will find you love, but it does happen!

Eventually I became the President of the USC Alumni Club of Boston and have dedicated myself to making this a welcoming home for all future Trojan transplants. I’m excited by the prospect of warmly welcoming the new generations of graduates, or those who move for work, or whatever brings people so far from USC. The heartbeat of the USC Family is strong and fights on even as far as Boston.

BY: Rob Day, Marshall B.S. ’07