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December 16, 2016

A Day in the Life of An Admission Counselor: Life After Recruitment

John and GlideAfter visiting 70 high schools around the world and taking nearly 15 flights over the past two months, you probably think that I would want nothing more than to spend hours online searching for Hannukah sweaters for my dog, Goldie, binge watching Westworld on HBO, and eating some vegan ice cream. I also need to get going on Gilmore Girls, but, yes this is a very typical post recruitment rehabilitation for me. With that said, the admission cycle carries on, and so does my life in L.A. Following are some of the things that keep me busy after the recruitment season has concluded.

Reading Your Applications
Our priority deadline for scholarship consideration, December 1st, has recently passed, which means that I am already furiously reading applications for our large tuition awards. Some of you might have a timestamp of December 2nd on your Common Application and/or USC Writing Supplement because of geographic time differences, but don’t let that worry you. We will consider you for scholarships as long as you submitted your application by December 1st in your current time zone. For those of you who haven’t yet submitted your application, you have until January 15th, which is our final application deadline. Sometimes I read your personal stories from my office on the USC campus, and sometimes I get to read from home. Long gone are the days of physical paper files so the only thing I need to lug home is my laptop. Although file review can be tedious at times, I love being able to read all of your amazing stories, and discover the ways in which you’ve decided to present yourself in your application. While drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey tea.

Enjoying La La Land
Now that recruitment is over, I am reminded that I actually live in Los Angeles! While the snow starts to fall in New York City, I’m shivering in our 65 degree winter. Poor me. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring this amazing city. One of my favorite things to do is eat my way through LA. On Sundays, I like to go to Smorgasburg in Downtown LA, which is a weekly outdoor market and food hall where some of the city’s hottest restaurants and food trucks set up shop. BBQ, cupcakes, donuts, popsicles, and Sushiritos (that’s a sushi burrito) all in one place! We also have some incredible Farmers Markets in LA. The one in Hollywood has the best oysters. The one on Melrose Place has the best empanadas. And the one in Larchmont Village has the best scones. Make sure to try to the Green Tea and White Chocolate one! Oh, and did I mention that during the academic year, the USC Campus has a weekly Farmers Market every Wednesday on McCarthy Quad? They definitely have the best hummus.

Planning My Winter Break
If you thought two weeks of recruitment in Asia was enough International travel for me this year, you thought wrong. My husband and I are planning a trip to Mexico City for the week between Christmas and New Years! Ok, he’s doing all the planning, and I’m just looking at pictures of street food, but it’s going to be a great way to end 2016. I’ll be sure to scream FIGHT ON from the pyramids of Teotihuacan! I hope all of you have a restful winter break and I wish you all the best in the admission process this year! Happy Holidays.