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New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on by Corey Marquetti

Michael Rodriguez with his new 2012 X-Men calendar

Happy New Year!

Don’t forget that today is the deadline for first year applicants!
Remember to submit the Common Application as well as the USC Supplement!

We are excited to be back and have lots of ideas about things to share with you this spring in the USC Admission Blog.  We want to continue to give you an “insider’s look” at our people, our process, and our university.  There are over 35 admission staff members currently part of our review process and right now it feels like we are spending every waking moment reading your applications.  But, we are also taking the time to think about the things we’d like to do or change in our own lives in the new year and want to share some of them with you.  Maybe you’ll find some inspiration as you also work on your resolutions for 2012!

Mark Rasic wants to shave 5 minutes off of his half-marathon.  As a runner, Mark loves to take advantage of the great weather whenever he makes a recruitment trip to his territory, Hawaii.  His favorite run takes him six miles around Diamond Head.

Jessica Howard has a similar resolution.  As a Los Angeles native, Jessica Howard hopes to take advantage of the beautiful Los Angeles weather and exercise outdoors more often.

Kenley Turville wants to read a new novel each month this year.  She is looking at some of your favorite books from the Quick Takes section of our application including Kite Runner, The Hunger Games, and the Time Traveler’s Wife.

Both Sam Schreiber and my fellow blogger Meredith Schweitzer have been motivated by some of your impressive resumes and are looking to volunteer more in the new year.

Michael Gulotta wants to cut out red meat for as long as possible, but the Louisiana native isn’t giving up his Southern staple of seafood.

Self-proclaimed “foodie” Alejandra Gilette-Teran is going to try to eat less processed foods this year, even though it may be hard when she hits the road again this fall given her obsession with North Carolina fine dining and BBQ.

Quincy Wimbish attended Pepperdine University as an undergraduate.  He is looking to start a USC graduate program in the fall of 2012, so he’ll be working on his application when he’s not reading yours.

For as much travel as we do in the fall, Caryn Wilson and I both want to go to new places this year. I have my eye on London and Spain.  Caryn was inspired by one of your essays that she read over the winter break and has her adventurous eyes set on Thailand and South Africa!

As our resident comic book fanatic, Michael Rodriguez is excited to catch up on reading his X-Men comic books.  He picked up a few this fall at Midtown Comics on one of his New York recruitment trips.

Finally Kirk Brennan, our director of admission, wants to try to eat less at each meal. That may be tough now that his favorite Beefy Crunch Burrito is back at Taco Bell.

As you can see, we value the experiences you share and they often stick with us.

That’s all for now! It’s time to get back to reading your applications and gearing up for our spring admission event. Best of luck with your resolutions!

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